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Deep Learning on biomedical data sets
*** IMPORTANT: This is a placeholder for future events in general - please watch for new events being added ! *** In 2017 we are planning a series of events to discuss the state-of-the-art in applying deep learning techniques on big biological data sets. Potential data types can include: 1) images; 2) transcriptomics data; 3) DNA/protein sequences; 4) molecular/structural data The goal is to get interested individuals together, collect and discuss the literature, find/write working code, as well as publicly available training data sets. Please help us shape this series of events by participating in the discussion early on and work towards setting up a productive event (date/location TBD).

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    Hi everyone!

    This meetup group will be an effort to bring together a diverse set of minds to exchange skills and knowledge to tackle some of the pressing problems in biological computation and analysis of bio-medical datasets.

    We are still in the early stages of setting this up, but in the end we hope this to be a mixture of seminars, networking events, and practical coding projects on real-life data. So stay tuned!

    If you are interested in any of the following topics, this meetup is likely for you:

    • data science

    • machine learning / deep learning / artificial intelligence

    • bioinformatics / computational biology

    • systems biology / cellular modelling / network modelling

    • high-performance computing (CPU/GPU)

    • molecular modelling, simulations

    • coding in general (Python, C++, Matlab, R, ...)

    Feel free to contact me with ideas and questions any time!

    See you soon,


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