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⚡ Bitcoin Lightning Network Hackday #3 ⚡
>>> Please visit https://lightninghackday.fulmo.org/ to register for this event! <<< Welcome to the third Bitcoin Lightning Network Hackday! This will be the third of a series of Hackdays that we'll host to explore and discover the Lightning Network! #LightningHackday --- Please visit https://lightninghackday.fulmo.org/ to register for this event! --- The Hackday is inspired by the idea of Barcamps and Unconferences. This means: The more you put in, the more you get out! Explore, learn, share, build! This will be a technical event, so be ready to nerd away! Please get a ticket on https://lightninghackday.fulmo.org/#tickets, and please ONLY respond if you actually plan to participate. We will host a hackathon starting on Friday, August 31st at 3 pm at the same venue. You can find the schedule for the event here: https://lightninghackday.fulmo.org/#schedule After that, we'll head out to room77 to have some beers and burgers and hopefully pay via Lightning. Or help room77 set up Lightning payments. There are some specials waiting for us at room77. Please note that this schedule is subject to change. If you have any suggestions or projects, please don't hesitate to contact us. This event is brought to you by www.fulmo.org ⚡ A big thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible: https://www.exchangeunion.com/ https://shiftcrypto.ch/

Ahoy Berlin

Wattstrase 11 · Berlin