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₿🗣️ Crypto Hardware Wallets: New Trezor Model T + DIY with Arduino
We'll have Vojtěch Černý and his team from SatoshiLabs this time, introducing their new "Trezor Model T" and giving us the opportunity to discuss everything about Crypto Hardware Wallets in general, and we'll have Stepan Snigirev giving a teaser about his current DIY project based on Arduino. Target Audience: As every so often we'll try to structure the meetup so that we'll have two parts. The first part should be accessible for newcomers. A new hardware wallet for crypto-currencies will be presented, the purpose of such devices will be discussed, and their usage be demonstrated. After a break we'll dive deeper into specific details for enthusiasts and professionals who want to stick around longer, highlighting aspects like the hardware development process, security considerations, and much more. Hardware wallets might not only be crypto-currency related, but also may play a role in the near future to enable managing our identities in a self-sovereign way. Our guests tonight come from the "Institute of Cryptoanarchy" after all, so we can also discuss some sociopolitical aspects if the audience so desires. — Our speakers tonight include: Vojtěch Černý joined SatoshiLabs in 2016 to help Trezor users. He is currently taking care of the Trezor community and travels the world to spread the word about Trezor and SatoshiLabs. - https://twitter.com/vojtechcerny 2 more devs from the Trezor team will also be present. - https://satoshilabs.com/ - https://trezor.io/ - https://www.paralelnipolis.cz/koncepty/cryptoanarchy-institute/ Stepan Snigirev is a quantum physicist who moved from academia to Bitcoin. He recently joined Crypto Advance GmbH - a startup working on secure key storage techniques for Bitcoin and Lightning. Currently he is working on Lightning support for hardware wallets and other hardware-related projects. - https://twitter.com/StepanSnigirev - https://cryptoadvance.io/ — Rough plan: 18³⁰ Doors 18⁴⁵ Part I # Welcome from your hosts # Vojtěch Černý and team: Building hardware wallets at SatoshiLabs Together we will take a closer look at our company philosophy, which has always been about complete transparency when it comes to software and hardware. Also, we will discuss the current and future possibilities of the Trezor family - Trezor One, the battle-tested hardware wallet for everyone, and the next-generation hardware wallet, the modern Trezor Model T. 20⁰⁰ Break, food, drinks 20³⁰ Part II # Stepan Snigirev: Do It Yourself: Bitcoin hardware with Arduino Making a secure hardware wallet is hard, you definitely don't want to do it by yourself. Leave it to Trezor, Ledger and others. But what about a vending machine? Or a rentable drone? How about earning some bitcoins from your nice CNC machine that you are not really using? Let people use it and pay for it with crypto! During the talk I will show a small demo and explain how to make a simple hardware device that accepts Bitcoin. We will take a look at Arduino boards and ecosystem around them. Then we will discuss how to make it work with Bitcoin on-chain and Lightning payments. At the end we will fantasize a bit about the wonderful world full of smart devices paying each other with crypto. 21¹⁵ Q&A and general discussion round with all our guests, open end 22⁰⁰ End of official part — We will record and probably also live-stream! Thanks and shout-out to THE BENCH, a new co-working and meetup space right in the center of Munich, for hosting us this time! https://www.the-bench.co/ (Our meetup group is organized by independent enthusiasts and not affiliated with venues, sponsors, or presenters of this or past events. Viewpoints expressed by our speakers do not necessarily represent our own. We aim to educate by putting forward the various viewpoints and opinions to enable everyone to make up their own minds. In particular, our program is not to be understood as investment advice.) (Illustration from https://wiki.trezor.io/Developers_guide:Hardware )

The Bench

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Worum es bei uns geht

(Deutsche Version unten) Welcome to the Bitcoin Munich community! We're a loosely structured group of of enthusiasts, activists, students, entrepreneurs, developers, techies, and other professionals. We organize informal gatherings like the monthly Stammtisch, plus workshops, as well as events with talks, presentations, tech-demos, and moderated discussion rounds.

This is a movement! It is not only encompassing tech startup culture. Thus, we also like to examine political and social consequences this technology might bring, emanating from the cypherpunk roots of the individual's right to privacy and informational self-determination. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cypherpunk

To cite software engineer Jameson Lopp:

> Welcome to Bitcoin, newcomers! Here's your FAQ:

> Q: Who should I trust?

> A: Nobody.

> Q: When should I sell?

> A: Never.

> Q: Is Bitcoin dying because ____?

> A: No.

> Q: What have I gotten myself into?

> A: Nobody knows.

> Q: How do I learn more?

> A: https://lopp.net/bitcoin.html

The motivation of our group in particular is the free sharing of knowledge and information, rooted in FOSS culture (Free and Open Source Software). This is *not* the place to spread HYIPs or pyramid and MLM schemes, or for cheap marketing especially regarding tokens and ICOs.

Our group has been getting together since 2011. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=20844.0

So our long-term members are quite battle-tested and might have their own peculiar views about the state of affairs in the Blockchain and crypto-currency space today. ;)

See you around!


Willkommen in der Bitcoin Munich Community! Wir sind eine locker strukturierte Gruppe von Enthusiasten, Aktivisten, Studenten, Unternehmern, Entwicklern, Techies und anderen Fachkundigen. Wir organisieren informelle Treffen wie den monatlichen Stammtisch, plus Workshops sowie Veranstaltungen mit Vorträgen, Präsentationen, Tech-Demos und moderierten Diskussionsrunden.

Dies ist eine Bewegung! Sie umfasst nicht nur die Tech-Startup-Kultur. Daher untersuchen wir auch die politischen und sozialen Konsequenzen, die diese Technologie mit sich bringen könnte, ausgehend von den Wurzeln im Cypherpunk und dem individuellen Recht auf Privatsphäre und informationelle Selbstbestimmung. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cypherpunk

Um Software-Engineer Jameson Lopp zu zitieren:

> Willkommen bei Bitcoin, Neulinge! Hier ist eure FAQ:

> F: Wem sollte ich vertrauen?

> A: Niemandem.

> F: Wann sollte ich verkaufen?

> A: Niemals.

> F: Ist Bitcoin am Sterben, weil ____?

> A: Nein.

> F: Auf was habe ich mich da nur eingelassen?

> A: Das weiß niemand.

> F: Wo lerne ich mehr?

> A: https://lopp.net/bitcoin.html

Die Motivation unserer Gruppe ist insbesondere das freie Teilen von Wissen und Informationen, verwurzelt in der FOSS-Kultur (Freie und Open Source Software). Dies ist *nicht* der Ort zum Verbreiten von HYIPs oder Pyramiden- und MLM-Systemen, oder für billiges Marketing besonders in Bezug auf Tokens und ICOs.

Unsere Gruppe trifft sich seit 2011. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=20844.0

Unsere langjährigen Mitglieder sind also ziemlich abgehärtet und haben womöglich ihre ganz eigenen Ansichten über den Stand der Dinge im Bereich Blockchain und Kryptowährungen heute. ;)

Bis demnächst!

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