₿🗣️ The VoB Conference in Retrospect + The State of the Mining Ecosystem


Around the two main events that are taking place during our "Bitcoin Festival Week" we will host additional meetups that are free-to-attend.

Tonight we have the opportunity to discuss the outcome of the "Value of Bitcoin" conference that took place one day before at the Bayerische Landesbank. https://vob-conference.com/

One of the topics at the conference was the cost factor and ecological impact of mining. Mining has also made the news recently: The German political party DIE LINKE wants a straight-out ban in their latest manifesto.

So can Bitcoin (both ecologically and economically) be sustainable in the long run? On a more advanced level, the long-term security model with limited block size and off-chain approaches is often questioned, we might take look at the often debated centralization in mining, and we might discuss if efforts towards ASIC resistance make any sense, and if proposals like ProgPoW are of any help. So there's a lot to talk about tonight.

Target Audience: Everyone interested in the economics aspects of Bitcoin.

Speakers and panelists tonight include:

Dan ̶H̶e̶l̶d̶ ̶ H̶e̶d̶l̶ Held, Bitcoin economist, founding partner and director of business development at Interchange, which is a crypto portfolio reconciliation tool used by institutional trading service providers.

- https://twitter.com/danheld/
- https://www.danheld.com/
- https://interchangehq.com/

Philip Salter, Head of Operations at Genesis Mining, which is one of the oldest and largest mining operations in the crypto-currency space, with facilities all around the world.

- https://de.linkedin.com/in/philip-salter-867531ba
- https://www.genesis-mining.com/

Jörg Hermsdorf, Cloud/System Architect, OpSec, Consultant, Co-Founder CONSERVE Blockchain.

- https://linkedin.com/in/jhermsdorf
- https://blockchain.conserve.de/


18:30 Doors

19:00 Talks + Discussions

Jörg Hermsdorf: Bitcoin – Beyond money as we know it today

Dan Held: Bitcoin's Incentive Model
- Why Proof-of-Work is efficient
- Bitcoin's security is fine

Panel discussion and extended Q&A

21:00 End of official part, socializing

We'll have drinks and pizza! A big thanks to our tonight's host, Blockchain Consulting GmbH! https://blockchain-consulting.net/
This meetup takes place in their second hub in Munich, their "Terrano Office", in the Arnulfstraße (i.e. not at the address you would find in their imprint).

Subject to changes or additions.

(Our meetup group is organized by independent enthusiasts and not affiliated with venues, sponsors, or external speakers of this or past events. Views expressed by them do not necessarily represent our own. We aim to educate i.a. by putting forward the various viewpoints and opinions in the crypto-currency and blockchain space, encouraging discussions to enable everyone to make up their own minds. In particular, our program is not to be understood as investment advice.)

This event is part of a "Bitcoin Festival Week" that emerged around the two main events, and that we're very happy to have in Munich! We're still open for suggestions!

Fri May 31, 18:30 — Pre-Gathering #LightningHackdayMUC — https://www.meetup.com/Bitcoin-Munich/events/260885276/

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Sun June 2, 17:00 — Public Meetup: Lightning Hackers meet Bitcoin Economists — https://www.meetup.com/Bitcoin-Munich/events/260885331/

Mon June 3, 08:00 — "Value of Bitcoin" Conference — http://vob-conference.com/

Tue June 4, 18:30 — Public Meetup: The VoB Conference in Retrospect — https://www.meetup.com/Bitcoin-Munich/events/260885336/

Wed June 5, 18:00 — Our regular monthly Stammtisch — https://www.meetup.com/Bitcoin-Munich/events/jbbfbqyzjbhb/