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Blockchain here! Blockchain there! They are talking about Blockchain everywhere!
Blockchain technology promises to change how humans socialise and interact with each other. Although this subject is complex in nature, the potential human impact is too big to ignore. There will be user experiences, communications, and other completely new elements that will need to be carefully designed.

In this group we are looking for people who want to think about the impacts of blockchain in their own fields of expertise; for example, design thinkers, front-end developers, graphic designers, UX'ers, anthropologists, marketeers, legal experts, entrepreneurs and of course blockchain developers. Any experience level is welcome, the only prerequisite is the desire and energy to develop on a blockchain.

By bringing these groups of people closer together, we want to create a community to build and implement user-friendly and intuitive real world blockchain applications for use in our everyday lives.

So, come along to an event let's identify decentralised opportunities and build something beyond the crypto hype.

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