#20 Blockchain for Real Estate


Tonight we look at two very different use cases that demonstrate the different possibilities blockchain is offering for the real estate industry. Blockstate and RAAY RE will show their approach of tokenizing real estate and evan.network demonstrates how they optimize construction machine renting.

PLEASE NOTE: we changed our location. This time we will meet at CIEE Global Institute (Gneisenaustraße 27, 10961 Berlin) in Kreuzberg!


"Tokenising Real Estate: Benefits and use cases"
Paul Claudius CEO, Blockstate, www.blockstate.com

Real Estate is one of the biggest drivers in the adoption of security tokenisation. As an asset class that often boasts attractive capital gains and stable cash flows it draws significant demand from investors yet structural inefficiencies regarding investability and transferability, it stands to gain a lot from tokenisation. Listeners of this talk will learn about the general benefits of real estate tokenisation and different application use cases.

Paul is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of BlockState. BlockState provides an infrastructure for the issuance and the lifecycle management of financial instruments like real estate investments. At Blockstate he is responsible for strategic maters, business development and fundraising. He has more than 10+ years experiences in various roles in high scale companies. Paul started his professional career as part of BNP Paribas Corporate Development in New York City and AXA Private Equity in Frankfurt am Main.


"Digitization: yes, Dependency: no
How decentralized cooperation empowers companies - an use case from the construction machinery sector"
Thomas Müller CEO, evan.network https://evan.network/

The presentation presents an example of a decentralized platform on which digital twins are used in construction machinery rental. With the de:rental initiative based on the business blockchain evan.network, construction machines are made digitally available via digital twins and are therefore themselves part of digital processes. They enable the exchange of real-time availability directly between the rental companies as well as the seamless integration of partner resources into their own value creation, enabling companies to generate attractive offers far beyond their own services. All this with trust, protected against manipulation and without a central platform provider.

evan.network is a blockchain for digitalization and automation of business transactions. The network members create digital twins for their machines and products and develop standards for cross-company transactions. The open technology allows integration into existing business models. evan.network guarantees 100% reliable and permanently secured information.


„How To Tokenise Commercial Real Estate“
Michael Reuter, Board Member, RAAY RE www.raay.estate
Levi Jagdfeld, Business Development, Hammer AG, www.hammer.ag

Tokenising a commercial real estate object of a partner company‘s portfolio is a great opportunity for an industry showcase. Connex, a commercial real estate object in central Munich, is the starting point for RAAY RE, a joint venture by Hammer AG, Wertgrund Immobilien AG and Datarella GmbH. A small share of Connex equity is being tokenised, and more blockchain-based services will follow. In this talk, we explain the basic tokenisation process .

Beside his role in the Supervisory Board of RAAY RE, Michael is CEO of Datarella, a Munich-based Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Provider. As a serial entrepreneur he has built and sold several companies, such as travelgate, YiGG and AppAdvisors, amongst others.

Levi Jagdfeld is heading the business development department at Hammer AG.

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