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Blockchain for Social Good Berlin meetups are curated by Positive Blockchain. We believe that the ever-growing blockchain community of Berlin would benefit from connecting with the social impact practitioners, who could help to validate blockchain solutions.

The aim of our meetups is to promote a blockchain technology among the social impact practitioners (be it the academia, think-tanks, NGOs, international NGOs, or public sector agencies). We want to bring together Berlin’s two distinct, large communities: tech and third sector, to facilitate a knowledge-sharing platform for the blockchain and social impact practitioners in order to advance the success of positive blockchain projects.

In the same way, the 3rd sector experts could benefit greatly from familiarizing themselves with this new technology that has a potential to disrupt many areas of their expertise: from a digital identity for the undocumented, unbanked and homeless populations, to transparent supply chain that safeguards the workers, and decentralized energy markets.

Each time we will explore one topic and bring together ‘real-world’ organizations and participants working on blockchain technologies. The idea is to open every event by explaining the problem from the real-world perspective (e.g. 1bn people without identity) and to continue with the blockchain projects presentations, which offer some solutions to the problem. This will create a good foundation for the panel discussion between blockchain projects and the topic practitioners, who can provide their non-technical feedback and use the SDGs guidelines to discuss the social impact of solutions.

As a result, the practitioners from the third-sector (or public) will be introduced or familiarized with blockchain technology through the use-cases related to their field of practice. On the other hand, blockchain projects will gain valuable “market” feedback from the field experts, which could lead to improvements or pivots in their solutions.

The meetups are organized by PositiveBlockchain.io in cooperation with BerChain, GIZ Blockchain Lab and Impact Hub Berlin.

To see the line-up of the upcoming topics - go to this group's album.

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#15 Carbon & web3 Ecosystem in 2023

Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park

Registration through Eventbrite only.

(This event is part of PB's 5th anniversary and a series of events in Berlin with global impact blockchain ecosystem members from INATBA, the IOTA Foundation, EUBOF, BC 100+, Berlin Partners, BerChain, UNIC. More info on the events here.

Carbon or Environmental credits have existed since decades and started to see a growth in adoption and attention in the past year because of their potential to solve some of our burning climate change issues. However, the current market are frequently judged opaque, unorganised, and fragmented.

Entrepreneurs and creatives in the blockchain and web3 space have seen opportunities since 2016 to address some of these issues. With the increase in maturity and democratization of technologies such as Smart Contracts, Tokenization, NFTs, Oracles, DAOs, and more, a real ecosystem has emerged in the carbon x web3 space.

We can now count hundreds of projects active in the carbon value chain, whether it is in the origination of funding of environmental projects, data verification (dMRV), tokenization and trading, or offsetting.

Where are we in 2013? How does the ecosystem look like and what are the current trends and challenges? Is the web3 approach solving or adding more fragmentation? Is the idea of a unique environmental token a good or bad one?

Join us in this exciting meetup to dive more into the web3 x carbon space.
Whether you already know about this market, are a carbon or ReFi expert or are new to it, come to the exclusive opportunity and get to know the community!


18:15 - Arrival & settle in
18:30 - Welcome & Introduction
18:30 - 19:30 - Lightening Presentations

  • Maximilian Roesger - ECOTA
  • Lucas Zaehringer - PositiveBlockchain & Verity Tracking
  • Alison Filer - Climate Collective
  • TBA
  • TBA

19:30 - 19:45 - Break
19:45 - Fish Bowl discussion
20:15 - Networking & drinks
21:00 - Event concludes

The meetup is organized by Positiveblockchain in partnership with ECOTA, Climate Collective and Celo.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


**PositiveBlockchain **is the open database, knowledge platform and community exploring the potential of blockchain technologies for social and environmental impact. The database currently lists more about 1400+ projects and startups using blockchain technologies for good. Projects are either crowd-sourced or identified and qualified by PositiveBlockchain or its alliance partners comprising associations, universities or blockchain foundations. PositiveBlockchain is a contributor-based non-profit association registered in Paris and active globally.

Celo is the carbon-negative, mobile-first, EVM-compatible blockchain ecosystem leading a thriving new digital economy for all.

ECOTA - the European Carbon Offset Tokenization Association - is a think tank that aims to find token-based solutions for a route to a net-zero Europe.

Do you want to speak at this event? Contact us at [masked]

This event will take place at the Celo office at Factory Görli.

Connecting Purpose Driven Blockchain Ecosystems & PB's 5 years!

Lisk Center Berlin

Registration through Luma only

## Join us in celebrating Positiveblockchain's 5 years anniversary!

We are excited to use this opportunity and bring together friends and partners from the Berlin community and beyond.

Global impact blockchain ecosystem members from INATBA, the IOTA Foundation, EUBOF, BC 100+, Berlin Partner, BerChain, UNIC and more will come together during a series of events happening in Berlin on June 1-3. More info on the events here.

The Friday, June 2 event will showcase speakers from different ecosystem players who will share their work, new initiatives, and the latest trends in the blockchain for good space.

Whether you are a web3 professional or simply curious about the potential of blockchain for social and environmental impact, this event is for you.
You will have the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded individuals, as well as exchange ideas about your own projects. We also welcome your input on how to further strengthen the blockchain ecosystem for good and create more sustainable and equitable solutions for global Sustainable Development Goals.

Following the speaker presentations, we will move on to the fun part with networking and a party. We look forward to celebrating with you.
The event will take place at the Lisk Center in Berlin.

18:00 - Doors open
18:15 - Welcome & Introductions
18:20 - 19:30 - Purpose-driven Blockchain Ecosystems

  • Lisk - Naureen Mustafa: welcome word from the host
  • PositiveBlockchain - Ani Ramos, Lucas Zaehringer: 5 years of impact and a new database
  • Celo - Jason Rodrigues: scaling ecosystem efforts at Celo
  • Climate Collective - Alison Filler, Community Lead
  • IOTA Foundation - Christian: about IOTA’s Touchpoint ecosystem support program
  • Berlin Partner - Jakob Zwiers: Navigating Sustainability Berlin
  • EUBOF - Dr Nina-Luisa Siedler (Möhrle Happ Luther)
  • BC 100+ - Mariana de la Roche: presentation of the new initiative mapping the impact of blockchain stakeholders committed to the UN Charter values.

19:30 - Networking & Party
​Food & drinks will be provided.

Do you want to join force or organize a side event during the series? contact us at [masked]


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