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This group is about startup events & meetups powered by Bremen Startups|bremen-startups.de.

bremen-startups.de is a private & indipendent grass root driven initiative to connect the startup community in Bremen & the Northwest region.

Since 2016, bremen-startups.de organizes startup community events like Startup Weekend Bremen, Startup Fail Night Bremen, Startup Pitch Night Bremen, Startup Pitch Night Oldenburg, Startup Speed-Networking Bremen, Macher Messe Bremen, Startup Weekend Bremen WOMEN & the Startup Women Meetup Bremen.

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Startup Weekend Bremen HEALTH


Startup Weekend Bremen HEALTH (2020, Oct 30 - Nov 01) >> From Idea to Startup in 54 Hours<< ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get your TICKET at www.startupweekend-bremen.de ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT STARTUP WEEKEND Startup Weekends are events designed for those who are interested to (co-)start a startup. Transform a rough idea to maturity in just 54 hours! Pitch your idea or join an idea that you are passionate about. Find awesome like-minded people, grow your network & learn new skills. Get out of the building and test your assumptions, conduct market research, tune your business model, develop your demo or prototype. On Sunday, pitch your startup concept to a jury & public audience, get feedback - and maybe your own startup will be born this weekend! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHY STARTUP WEEKEND BREMEN HEALTH? Awesome playground! 155,000 people work in the Bremen & Northwest metropolis in the health sector; That is 12% of the total workforce. There are numerous research institutes, universities and other training facilities ensuring dynamic talent in the regional health care industry. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUT I'M NOT IN THE HEALTH BUSINESS - IS THE EVENT FOR ME? Innovation is not possible without diversity and influence from different disciplines. A startup weekend works by a variety of skills and experiences. Designer & creatives, software & hardware developers, business & industry experts, people with ideas & co-founders, students & professionals meet at Startup Weekend SPACE to form startup teams. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WILL I GET SUPPORT? You are not alone! Experienced founders, experts & coaches will support you. Also food & drinks are included in your ticket so that you can focus and concentrate on your project. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FAQ Find more information at www.startupweekend-bremen.de

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