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Sacred Circle, sharing, meditation and music
This group no longer meets at Life Motivations in Chambesy....A new location will be announced soon. Contact Coldrey for further news.

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Who should join: Anyone interested in joining in spiritual community which embraces the universal truth of all spiritual traditions, who seeks to know that which joins us together in Oneness, in unity to support each other in our spiritual growth. If you are seeking to discover and nurture inner peace as a pathway to world peace, this group provides many opportunities to learn and grow with like-minded individuals.

Members should join if they are seeking spiritual growth, sharing and nourishment. Activities include many opportunities for spiritual practices which come out of the great world spiritual traditions.

Typical activities include weekly meditation circle, classes and workshops led by spiritual leaders from all over the world on topics such as Forgiveness, Fear to Faith, Meditation, Visioning, Visualization.

Participants are invited to share their personal expertise in the area of meditation, sophrology, reiki, chi kung and yoga among other modalities for spiritual practice and growth.

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