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We are a regular online-only event, free to attend, with talks on various topics centered around CSS. 🎬 Have a look at our past editions on Youtube.

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CSS Café meets CSS Day: an in-Person Pop-Up Event!

The Hoxton, Amsterdam

5,00 €

+++ CSS Café meets CSS Day: an in-Person Pop-Up Event! +++

Whoohoo, it's time again for CSS Day, our favorite in-person CSS conference! 🤗

Last year we used the opportunity of having all these CSS nerds and masterminds so close by to organize our very first in-person event. And it went great! 🥳 So we're gonna repeat it this year and meet again the day right after the conference.

Staying true to our name, there will be tasty coffee ☕ as well as softdrinks 🧉 and pastries 🍪 paired with informal / unconference like presentations and potential discussions around our all favorite web language ✨!

So far, we know of these presentations:

  • Amit Sheen - Individual Transforms: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Egor Kloos - Web Component styling across products and teams (Design Systems are for sharing)

If you have ideas what you'd like present, just hit us up! It can be a full blown talk or just showing a few nice demos. It could be focusing on a certain CSS feature, or discussing an architectural approach, or showing off a nice hack, or presenting your wishlist for browser CSS devtools. You can reach us via:

Notes: Thanks to increased sponsoring we could double the amount of spots compared to last year. The 5 EUR entry fee is to keep no-shows at bay - the money will be donated to the MathML-Core project on Open Collective.


Huge thank you's go out to PPK and Krijn from CSS Day and to our incredibly generous sponsor 9elements for making this event possible! 🙏🏻♥

Scott Kellum - Mapping Typography

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+++ Mapping Typography +++ by Scott Kellum +++

The websites we make are nothing less than multi-dimensional objects: the size and shape of them change with every device and browser they are viewed on. We have lots of new tooling to develop layouts for this multi-dimensional landscape, but one crucial element seems to have resisted our attempts at tooling: our typography. How does our typography both maintain meaningful structure while flexing across our dynamic website space? In this talk, we’ll explore that problem. We will make a map of how text and typography behave in our website landscape, and then take these maps and apply them using CSS animations. In this way, we’ll drive dynamic interpolations across our websites' multiple dimensions.

+++ Scott Kellum +++
Scott Kellum is the founder of Typetura, a typography as a service company offering both bespoke and ready-made typographic solutions. With over 15 years of design experience across type, editorial, digital, and print design; Scott’s experience gives him a unique perspective on the typographic challenges and opportunities in the design industry. He has invented multiple web technologies, holds two patents, and has contributed to major projects at Vox Media, Darden Studio, and Roger Black Studio. These accomplishments include inventing dynamic typographic systems, high impact ad formats, new parallax techniques, and the fluid typesetting technology that powers Typetura itself.

+++ Zoom Info +++

Meeting ID:[masked]
When: June 22nd, 2023, 5PM CEST / GMT+2
Check your local time:

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Rachel Andrew - When New CSS Features Collide

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