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Crypto Valley is a special place - a mixture of blockchain pioneers, innovators, free thinkers and dedicated researchers. Each month we provide a window into the world of Crypto Valley with a special gathering at CV Labs - Zug. Join us to meet like-minded innovators, discuss ideas and debate serious issues around blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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CV VC Global Report - Blockchain in Art

CV Labs, Liquid Lounge (4th floor)

An in-depth online panel discussion about the "CV VC Global Report" sector: Blockchain in Art. About this Event The CV VC Global Report, created by CV VC together with PwC and distributed by Cointelegraph, is a new periodical report which highlights technology trends and showcases top global blockchain companies across the following sectors: -Blockchain in Art -Brokers & Crypto Banks -Crypto Exchanges -Custody Providers -Platforms & Protocols -Token Issuance Companies -Venture Capitalists in Blockchain This Event will cover the Sector: Blockchain in Art The Art market counts to one of the most dynamic, lucrative and compelling markets since many years. Nevertheless, this market has a very high entry barrier for several reasons. On one side, the unique and best art works are going for extremely high prices and getting access to such pieces can be challenging. On the other side, the rest of the ark market is highly flooded of choices, making it hard to gain an overview of what is on the market, ensuring the provenance of an artwork or protecting the pieces against fraud and counterfeit. Companies are using blockchain technology to tackle these arising issues by steering the art market into its new digital direction and changing the way we buy, sell, support, view or even create art. This following list will introduce you to the top blockchain companies who are revolutionizing the art market by using blockchain technology. One can join online or visit us at CV Labs (Zug, Switzerland) where we will stream the panel discussion which is followed by a networking event with industry experts over some drinks. Moderator: Cointelegraph (TBD) Speaker: Niko Kipouros, 4ARTechnologies Speaker: Christina Steinbrecher, Blockchain.art Speaker: TBD Speaker: TBD The onside event is sponsored by 4ARTechnologies When: 12th August 2020 The door opens at 5:30 pm (GMT+2) Presentation starts at 6:00 pm (GMT+2) Where: Liquid Lounge @ CV Labs or tune in at Cointelegraphs youtube channel *Kindly make sure to register on our Eventbrite page, due to safety measures COVID 19 registration is compulsory. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cv-vc-global-report-blockchain-in-art-tickets-113656317104

"Liechtenstein Blockchain Act, from Conception to Inception“

About this Event There was a lot of buzz when Liechtenstein first announced the regulatory framework for a tokenized economy. Concepts became reality and the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act is now live since 1st January 2020. After more than seven months we'd like to take the opportunity to talk about experiences and challenges. What changed with this new construct being in place providing legal security in the Blockchain space? How is the registration process working out? How is the market accepting the new framework? Our guests are legal specialists from the regulator and the market side. After an overview to the registration process and a talk about first experiences and challenges by FMA's Dorothea Rohlfing, our partners Nägele, Niedermüller and Wanger will join the discussion and debate the latest developments. Speakers: Dorothea Rohlfing of FMA: Dorothea Rohlfing has been head of the Regulatory Laboratory / Financial Innovation group in the management team of the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority since June 2018. The Liechtenstein native studied law at the University of Zurich, completed an internship at the FMA and then began her career as a legal specialist in the banking sector. In accordance with its legal mandate, the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA) ensures the stability of the Liechtenstein financial market, the protection of customers, the prevention of misuse, and the implementation and compliance with recognized international standards. As an integrated and independent supervisory authority, the FMA supervises the financial market participants in the Liechtenstein financial center. It ensures the implementation of international standards and works on behalf of the government to prepare financial market laws. The FMA is represented in all relevant supervisory organizations at European and global level. Panel of discussion: Thomas Nägele - NÄGELE Attorneys Ralph Wanger - BWB Attorneys at Law Matthias Niedermüller - Niedermueller Attorneys Moderator: Philipp Büchel - Founder bei Blockchain Büro

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Velas Network, One year anniversary!

CV Labs, Liquid Lounge (4th floor)

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