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Blockchain Discussion: Believers of DAO

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Blockchain Discussion: Believers of DAO


We are pleased to announce interesting lectures about the topic DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) from crypto projects powered by the IOST FOUNDATION from Japan! 🦄

Co-founder an CTO Terrence Wang from the foundation itself will introduce the association. Moreover, CEO Takashi Oka and CTO Ryosuke Kosako from the GUILD project will discuss the future of DAO. Yannick Goldgräbe, Co-founder and CTO of ditCraft, will attend the debate as well. Inspired by the world of DAO, these Start-ups built their companies based on this technology.

Speaker List:

Terrence Wang - Co-founder and CTO

Takashi Oka - Co-founder and CEO
Ryosuke Kosako - Co-founder and CTO

Marvin Kruse - Co-founder and CEO
Yannik Goldgräbe - Co-founder and CTO

The event is for everyone who is interested in new technologies or blockchain purposes. Included in crypto relations, there will be given deep insights about governance and incentive mechanisms as well.

See you at CV Labs Crypto Café at 5 PM!
Crypto Cafe, CV Labs
Dammstrasse 16 · Zug, al
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