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Sich austauschen, plaudern, diskutieren, im entspannten Rahmen bei einem Glas Wein, die Welt ins Haus holen, jedes Alter, Muttersprache oder Fremdsprache, kostenlose Teilnahme - Im internationalen Sprachencafé 'Café des Langes' Englisch, Französisch, Russisch, Deutsch, Türkisch, Vietnamesisch, Spanisch oder eine andere Sprache mit Gleichgesinnten sprechen.
Are you new in Berlin or have you been living here for some time ? Would you like to speak your native language and/or German with other foreigners and Berliners in our 'Café des Langues' ? We look forward to meeting you in a relaxed atmosphere that welcomes people of all ages and languages. Your participation is free of charge. According to your preference, you can (but do not need to) order food and drinks at your expense in our cosy Havanna Bar with Tapas, Cocktails and more, the venue of our event. Join us, you are very welcome.

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Speak the language of your choice in our Café des Langues in Berlin.

Our plus - We welcome people from all ages up to 80+, original Berliners with lots of stories to tell, who join us every month. Our goal is to bring international people together with local people, so we try to offer a good mix of ages and of all walks of life. You all are the Café des Langues - We literally have a colourful potpourri of people, Berliners, visitors from other states in Germany, international students, professionals and travelers, retired people, philosophers, doctors, translators, teachers, plumbers, librarians, Embassy staff, bon vivants, artists and many more. You come and you own this event. You make it happen. If you have different language levels, we can set up various tables. You can choose topics that are relevant to you, talk about culture, food, travelling, make quizzes and simply have a good time. The Café des Langues has been organised since April 2014 with approx. 15 participants per month. The often represented languages are English, French, Italian, Spanisch, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Mandarin and German (as a foreign language). However, we welcome any languages and are happy to make connections between you and the others. Your participation is free of charge. If you are hungry or thirsty, you can (but do not need to) order food and drinks at your expense in ourlocation the "Havanna Bar", very conveniently located opposite the S3 station Berlin Karlshorst, 3 stops from Ostkreuz. If there is one rule, then to allow the others at your table enough speaking time, so that everyone has a turn. You are free to move on to another table anytime, as we often have people who speak 2-5 languages. We encourage the interaction with people from different ages, so please never hesitate to grab your beer or wine to walk around and meet other people. Please do not click the GOING button, if you are unsure that you are coming. Our seats at the Havanna Bar are limited and we can only remain reliable towards our hosts, when the people show up, who have announced that they are coming. Thank you so much for making this fun and collaborative for all of us ;)

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