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The purpose of this group is to help deepen understanding and application of the principles, tools and techniques of NLP; Honing your skills to help you and others grow, step into empowerment, develop emotional intelligence and enrich your life for greater wellbeing.

This group is for you whether you are completely new to NLP, have some experience, or are a seasoned practitioner; there is something for everyone. This group creates dedicated places and spaces to come together, learn, refresh, practice, develop and integrate the powerful science that is Neuro Linguistic Programming.

You will learn to identify and shift old redundant beliefs and perspectives which no longer serve you and others. You will embed new helpful world views, belief systems, neurology and ways of showing up as the best you.

Through NLP you will learn effective state management and elegant communication skills, bringing about deep rapport with those around you, assisting you to flow through the curves and challenges of life with flexibility and fully in line with your true purpose.

I am David Williams, Coach NLP Trainer with the Society of NLP and Agent of Change, with ten years experience in personal development and wellbeing. I am passionate about NLP, living in line with my values and coming from a place of integrity. My special interest is combining NLP, mindfulness and meditation for wellbeing.

Workshops will be themed on a wide range of NLP tools, techniques and methodology, providing a platform for you to learn and hone your NLP skills. This is all delivered with a sense of curiosity, excitement, compassion and fun. I cannot wait to share your NLP journey with you all very soon.

Wishing you a simply clear life from Simply Clear Coaching.

Your Coach and Change Agent

David Williams

www.simplyclearcoaching .com


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Empowering You - Your Empowerment Blueprint

The Chelmsford Club Ltd

15,00 £

Do other people drain your energy? Do want to stand in your power instead? Do you want your very own Empowerment Blueprint? Both remaining strong when around difficult people and showing up as the best authentic you can be a challenge. This is why this masterclass goes down so well. Come and learn how to protect yourself from energy vampires and hold your head up high to be you in this game changer of a session. Then come along to this NLP practice session: • Learn to use NLP to manage your emotional state. • Use your physiology to shift your ways of being. • Learn to show up and shine as the best you. • Protect yourself from energy vampires. Empowerment is having the confidence and the will to be the best you, to move forward as a congruent you and to speak your truth with integrity. Come and learn why this is so important in life and meet others who want the same. NLP is the user manual for the brain and these monthly meets are designed for NLP practitioners and novices alike to come along and fine tune their mental agility and also learn skills to use with others around them. Date: Tuesday 20th November 2019 Time: 19:0-20:30 Venue: Chelmsford club, New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex Price: £15 payable in advance including hand out. BOOKING: Booking is essential to make sure you reserve your place and there are enough materials for you. Want to learn about NLP? Then why not come along to the next Intro to NLP Day, you can read more here: http://www.simplyclearcoaching.com/intro-to-nlp-day/ Or if you are already an NLP Practitioner I run CPD mastery days too: http://www.simplyclearcoaching.com/nlpcpd/ Just arrive a few minutes early to register and meet everyone. Hope to see you there and if you have any questions please contact me on the below number. Your NLP Trainer and Coach David Williams

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Intro to NLP day

The County Hotel

95,00 £

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