Worum es bei uns geht

We are primarily focused on sharing experiences and insights related to the practice of machine learning. If you're doing machine learning, this is the group for you!

After 'learning' machine learning, another set of practical problems arise:

• what's the optimal network configuration for a given problem?

• How are models effectively deployed?

• How do we handle limited, labeled training data?

High-level overviews of our machine learning projects will also be shared.

We'll experiment a bit with the format early on, but a few objectives:

1) Keep any content or presentations accessible for non-native speakers of English (think visual)
2) Welcome, encourage and support those presenting in Thai
2) Avoid extended monologues

Potential topics:

• Working with unsegmented data - speech and Connectionist Temporal Classification

• Deploying PyTorch 1.0 models with ONNX

• Tensorflow.js for run-time inference

• Using BERT for NLP

We plan to hit the ground running, but newcomers are welcome. Please leave your ego at the door.

The location will typically be in the Nimman area.

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