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CocoaHeads Hamburg
CocoaHeads Hamburg
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With Christmas (aka WWDC 😉) around the corner, one might think there is not much to talk about. Far from the truth! This month we have two amazing talks prepared for you:

Recapping iOS 8 + 9 — What is it you can actually use today? Speaker:Joachim Kurz - @cocoafrog

When new stuff is introduced at WWDC we are often excited about all the new possibilities. Then, when the excitement from the Keynote wears off, we realize we can't use it as we still have to support last year's iOS version. In this talk, we will take a look at all the stuff we could actually be using today but maybe forgot about after previous Keynotes.

** Update: Daniel unfortunately can't make it this time, hopefully we will have this talk at one of the next CocoaHeads **

End–to–End Testing: What, Why, and How?
Speaker: Daniel Demiss - @__block

When you’re building a distributed system, unit tests only get you so far. This talk sheds some light on how we tackled that issue for an upcoming real–time collaboration tool at PSPDFKit.