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Alle junge Programmierer sind bei uns willkommen. Sie können ihren allerersten Code schreiben oder an ihren eigenen Projekten weiterarbeiten und Neues ausprobieren. [*** ENGLISH TEXT BELOW ***] Bitte denkt daran: Das Dojo ist für die Ninjas gedacht. Sie entscheiden, was sie machen und lernen wollen. Wir Mentoren sorgen dafür, dass es allen Spass macht und dass sie weiterkommen. Jeder Teilnehmer sollte Folgendes mitbringen: - Einen Laptop pro Ninja: - mit vollem Akku oder Netzkabel, - die Tastatur entspricht der Spracheinstellung (das was auf der Taste steht erscheint auf dem Bildschirm). - Wenn möglich eine Maus. - Etwas zu essen und zu trinken für die kurze Pause. Kinder bis 12 müssen von einem Elternteil oder einem anderen, begeisterten Erwachsenen begleitet werden. Falls Du keinen Laptop besitzt, können wir Dir einen für die Dauer des Workshops zur Verfügung stellen. Bitte kontaktiere uns im Voraus, damit wir es vorbereiten können. Wir sprechen verschiedene Sprachen, komm also einfach vorbei! !!! Wir sind auf Twitter: @CoderDojoZH (https://twitter.com/CoderDojoZH) !!! [*** ENGLISH TEXT ***] New coders are welcome to explore different coding programs and games. Regulars are welcome to carry on with projects and programs that they started on, or try something different. Remember: It is the children's Dojo; they decide what they want to do and learn and mentors are there to support them to have fun doing that. Everyone, including the accompanying parents, should bring: • A snack and drink • A working laptop with a keyboard they can 'read' (i.e. the keys correspond to what appears on screen) and preferably a mouse that they can operate. Children 12 years and under should be accompanied by a parent or other enthusiastic adult (who is also encouraged to bring his or her laptop and play & program, too.) If you don't have a laptop, we can organize one for the CoderDojo duration. Please contact us at least a week earlier, so we can prepare. We speak all the languages, so feel free to join;) !!!Follow us on Twitter: @CoderDojoZH (https://twitter.com/CoderDojoZH)!!! Visit our page http://coderdojozh.github.io You can find there a small list of Frequently Asked Questions and download the Scratch booklets with games used during CoderDojo.


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Programming workshops for young minds, 7-17 years old. You can learn more about us from our page at: http://coderdojozh.github.io . We are part of the CoderDojo network ( http://coderdojo.com/about ).

Young coders will experiment with various coding programs, learn from others, and share what they know with whoever is interested. The only rule is "To Be Cool!"

These workshops are free: Mentoring coders give up part of their Sunday, because they're passionate about their work and want to give interested children the chance to play around, and create games and apps.

Your child should bring a laptop, snack & drink, and a parent or other adult if they're 12 years old or under. Plus heaps of stamina and curiosity.

Please make sure that the laptop has a key board the child will be able to read, and a mouse it can operate. A mouse usually works better than a trackpad.

We recommend that accompanying parents bring their own laptop along, as well. You may help settle in your child for the first half hour. After that we will ask you to sit at a dedicated table for parents and try out the various programs for yourself.

This way you will be able to help other children if the mentors can't keep up with the demand for explanations and it will give your own child plenty of space to get independently creative.

!!! Follow us on Twitter: @CoderDojoZh

Though aimed at ages 7-17, this site is really for parents, mentors and others over the age of 18 to help us with events and to see how many people to expect at events. If you are under the age of 18, you may not sign up on this site or RSVP for events. Instead, ask your parent or 18+ guardian to do so for you. If you're 12 years or younger, your parent or 18+ guardian will have to accompany you during the workshops. This is in accordance with Meetup and CoderDojo policies.

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