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The purpose of this group is to bring together both enthusiasts and professionals working in the field of computer vision.

Computer vision is one of the most fascinating and interesting branches of computer science. As humans, we obtain information from our surroundings primarily through vision. Computers that are smarter, easier to use, more effective and that are even capable to aid humans during complex tasks must also be able to 'see'.

Computer vision is devoted to find methods to give computers the ability to understand images.

Recently, many new technologies were developed by both industry and academy to solve problems such as autonomous drive, human-computer interaction, image retrieval and image parsing. Additionally, the relatively recent introduction on the market of inexpensive depth sensors (Kinect) increased dramatically the possibilities of research and development in this field.

Computer vision is also tightly coupled with medical image analysis. Computer aided diagnosis is often based on medical imagery and intra-operative image acquisition is routine the most part of the healthcare facilities.

In such a dynamic and exciting context we think it's important to get together to share ideas and discuss about the current trends and technologies.

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