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This Group will bring software people together to share ideas and experience in the domain of Continuous Delivery. Continuous Delivery addresses the entire software delivery pipeline - from CI to testing to deployment to release - and addresses technology, process and organization. Anything within that domain will be in scope for our Group. The Group shares concerns with other Groups - DevOps, Agile,Puppet/Chef, Cloud, Selenium, etc. - and will be complementary to them. But we'll talk about the delivery pipeline as a system, rather than going deep into the details of specific technologies. And we'll emphasize topics that directly translate into making software delivery more "continuous." This is the Amsterdam chapter of a set of Continuous Delivery groups in different cities around the world. We'll do our best to share speakers and content across the groups, so we can all learn from a wider community.

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August 2019 meetup

Wassenaarweg 20

Agenda: 17:30 - 18:30 Walk-in 18:00 Food & drinks 18:30 CRV transition from an on-premise IT landscape to the cloud 19:30 Break 20:00 How AH.nl manages the Kubernetes ranch as a Service 21:00 Drinks 21:30 Wrapping up Location, food & drinks brought to you by: CRV Talks: #1 talk - Roy Willemse - CRV - From an on-premise IT landscape to the cloud Roy tells the story of CRV transitioning a traditional on-premise IT landscape to the cloud. A story of grass roots initiatives and enterprise programs, technological and business drivers, convincing stakeholders and gaining broad acceptance and support for this hype-laden initiative. You'll get a glimpse of the architecture we're shooting for, and how we're designing our organisation around it. Bio: Roy Willemse is an experienced full-stack software engineer with a passion for design and entrepreneurship. After a rough startup experience he decided to freelance for a year to calm down. One year turned into twelve, and recently he was given the opportunity to join the leadership team of the software engineering department at CRV. He still dreams in code but spends most of his time working on engineering culture and creating the conditions that allow teams to excel. #2 talk - Reinier Timmer - AH.nl - How AH.nl manages the Kubernetes ranch as a Service At Albert Heijn, we started with a single Kubernetes cluster in 2017. We cared for it like a pet. It had a name, we constantly looked at its health, we tweaked it, we called it by its name in conversations, it was part of the team! Willie... Now, 2019, we have multiple Kubernetes cluster, the time to pet them all individually is over! Rancher gives us Kubernetes-as-a-Service: this enables us to create clusters on-premise, in Azure and different providers in the future. Come join us for the adventures of a Kubernetes cluster at the Albert Heijn ranch. Of course with an awesome live demo! Bio: I have been working at Albert Heijn since 2016. I have a broad interest in many software & IT related challenges and a special interest in distributed systems, so I have been involved in many things related to our cloud journey: java development, containerization of services and front-end applications, the setup of CI/CD pipelines, the kubernetes platforms and currently our migration to Azure as member of the SRE team. Parking: Around the building

September 2019 meetup


Agenda: 17:30 - 18:30 Walk-in 18:00 Food & drinks 18:30 Mobile testing with Appium 19:30 Break 20:00 Automated release strategy of the Tele2 React Native app 21:00 Drinks 21:30 Wrapping up Location, food & drinks brought to you by: SauceLabs and Tele2 Talks: #1 talk - Wim Selles - SauceLabs - Mobile testing with Appium At the moment React Native is becoming bigger and bigger. To proof the quality of the app we have some awesome automation tools that can support us with that. But sometimes you might wonder how you can help your tools to automate your app even better. During this presentation we dive into the new Tele2 app and how we've implemented mobile testing with Appium. We are going to look at * deeplinking features * mocking services * testing native components with storybook * disabling the things your automation hates * and how to test React Native upgrades properly All points will be explained with code examples based on the Tele2 application. Bio: Wim is a Solution Architect for Sauce Labs based in the Netherlands. During the day, he assists customers with solving automation challenges in their organisation. By night, he practices his passion for front-end test automation with Javascript. He likes to create his own node.js modules to help and support automation engineers and is also a contributor to multiple open source projects that involve testing, such as WebdriverIO, Protractor, ng-Apimock and many more. Wim also has extensive experience using Appium for automating Hybrid and (React) Native Apps. He enjoys sharing his automation experience as a speaker at conferences like AppiumConf and SeleniunConf, on his blog and during meetups and webinars. #2 talk - Lucas Bento - Tele2 - Automated release strategy of the Tele2 React Native app Setting up a release strategy and configuring a pipeline for your web-application can be done in a few hours, even your biggest pal Google can help you with that. But what if you need to do this for a React Native app? Based on our experience we can tell you that Google will not give you all the answers. We needed to do a trial and error research and we finally came up with a solid strategy and a reliable pipeline that builds and tests our React Native app on every pull-request that is created in our codebase. During this session we will explain the trial and error path that we took Tele2 to build has taken from building an on-premises solution with: * Local Mac Mini * Jenkins * Stash * Fastlane Later, we reached a fully cloud supported solution with: * GitHub (and a GitHub bot) * CircleCI * App Center * Sauce Labs Which earned us a Sauce Labs' award for "Most creative solution". Bio: Lucas is a full-stack developer working with React Native for 3 years. He is part of the official React Native Community and co-organizer of React Native Amsterdam Meetup. If we are talking about passions, then open-source will be one of Lucas' first answers. Parking: Parking available in front of the office.

October 2019 meetup


Agenda: 17:30 - 18:30 Walk-in 18:00 Food & drinks 18:30 Data driven development, or how to keep engagement with your developers high 19:30 Break 20:00 Our legacy journey into the future 21:30 Wrapping up Location, food & drinks brought to you by: Rabobank Talks: #1 - Ingmar Vis - ABN Amro - Data driven development, or how to keep engagement with your developers high The Agile, CI/CD and DevOps journey are well underway at ABN Amro, IT4IT governance & support is in place, development teams are tailoring their processes to the new ways of working. Amidst all this, an ancient urge for management information keeps on emerging: What is the impact of all our IT4IT investments, both on an application as on an organizational level? Truth can not be found in manually created MI reports (watermelon management), we believe the truth is in the data from the pipelines. Based on this believe, we created insights into our continuous delivery landscape using data from the IT4IT tools in the pipelines and brought the data together in Splunk. We would like to tell you how we did this, what the impact of this solution is for the development community of ABN Amro, what our challenges are along the way (technical & cultural) and what we plan to do next. #2 - Koen van de Ven - Rabobank - Our legacy journey into the future Two years ago, the Clientlink team had developped an ideal way of working, unfortunately it was having a lot of legacy tooling and setup. There was a lot of resistance to change due multiple reasons, of which one was that there weren’t any third party tooling updates in time/available. Nevertheless; they decided to start their transition to DevOps friendly tools. This started with transitioning from TFSVS to GIT and this caused a cascade of upgrades and changes in approach that needed to be done. This presentation will be about practical changes the team made to adapt to the new tooling and how this lead them to change the way they deploy, allowing them to make ever smaller changes. Spoiler: even their PO is now impressed with the increased quality the team can deliver and now supports actively reducing their legacy systems and developing technical improvements. Bio: Koen works as Lead Developer in the Clientlink team where they work on a Dynamics CRM environment to manage the sales cycle for global wholesale and corporate clients. In this work, Koen was heavily involved in the CI/CD transition. In addition Koen works on several projects overarching multiple teams and domains. He functions as community lead for the .NET and Automation communities within Rabobank. Parking: The nearest parking area is P3 Jaarbeurs - Veemarktplein

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July 2019 meetup

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