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You are a data scientist or visualisation designer, who wants to use their skills to benefit the world. You want to work in an ad-hoc team on volunteer projects, analysing data from around the world. You want your work to make an impact on society by presenting important information and analysis in a powerful way. You’d like to accomplish all this by meeting with like-minded people from a variety of backgrounds to work together over coffee.

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Visualizing Complexity — A System for Modular Information Design

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Darjan Hil has been structuring and visualizing information and data for complex topics for quite some years, together with Nicole Lachenmeier and their studio Superdot (https://superdot.studio). Darjan has worked on influential visualizations of global inequality, designed data reporting forms for improved health outcomes in the global South, and a host of other socially impactful projects.

Now Darjan and Nicole have collected their extensive experience into a modular information design (M.I.D) system for visualizing complexity, published in an award-winning book.

Darjan will present the M.I.D system to us, along with examples drawn from his career, followed by a chance to pick his brains about information design in general.

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