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This group is for healthcare professionals to come and challenge their leadership practices with a growth mindset of healthcare leadership. Leading people is hard, why do it without support from professional coaches and your peers. People who should join include director or VP of clinical operations and/or nursing, clinic managers, practice administrators, nurses, physicians, physician extenders, CEOs, CFOs, mid-level managers and directors, supervisors, and most of all, emerging healthcare leaders. There is no cost to join. You need to bring authenticity, vulnerability, kindness, and the courage to learn and be better than you were yesterday! We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Courageous Healthcare Leaders of NWA - Networking

Red Kite Coffee Company

This first connection meeting will be a time to get to know everyone. Also, we would like to have your input about your expectations for this meetup group. There is no cost. The only price of admission is a smile, kindness and a desire to a better healthcare leader than you were yesterday!

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