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Welcome beautiful, grab yourself a cup of coffee/glass of bubbly (time dependent) and step into our seriously stylish monthly meetup, a place where women come to network, learn and get inspired. We are a network of ambitious go-getting women who are trailblazing our own path to success.
We are creative, passionate and love the idea of freedom and prosperity.
We are today's influencers, making a big impact on the world and empowering other women to do the same.
We support each other, knowing that the success of others doesn’t dampen our own.

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Manhatten Place Condo's - Upstairs room

Renu Arora is an energy healer who specializes in working with the subconscious and the author of the Energy Healing Bible! Energy healing relies on the premise that we are beings of energy living in a physical suitcase. In other words, we are a spirit in a body. Call it your essence, your soul, your divine spark or whatever you like. It’s the piece of you that lives on after your body dies. So that is who you really are, A great big ball of energy, and its within that ball that everything about you is stored. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences…everything. Trauma is stored there as well. Now trauma appears like pockets of static inside your energy field. Trauma is the negative energy that gets stuck – emotions or beliefs that hold us back, working against us rather than with us. So what does trauma do energetically? It impairs the flow of energy. Things don’t move as freely as they used to or should. Just like any other system, when you get a block, it stops working well. Things are less efficient or they break down altogether. For us, this can translate to problems on an emotional level, a mental level, a spiritual level, or even a physical level. Our energy permeates all of it. Energy healing involves removing those blocks, plain and simple. Some modalities are better with some blocks than others, but they all involve healing our issues by restoring energy flow. Using the Accelerated Release Technique, Renu helps you free yourself from past trauma that is impacting your life today. Your past can't change, but you can.

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Manhatten Place Condo's - Upstairs room

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