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Crypto Blockchain Insights: Various Topics
Topic of this event: At the beginning we will pick a topic from the list below. ************************************** We are introducing you to private investors at a dinner reception in combination with a pitching workshop. Please let us know whether you are interested: [masked] ************************************** This meetup is part of a meetup series with general discussion on how to create a new crypto business or how to address challenges faced by an existing crypto business. We discuss different topics such as: - Initial Funding - Growth Funding - Pre-ICO and ICO - Company Formation - Company Structuring - Regulations - Tokenomics - Business Modeling - Marketing / Communications - AirDrops and Bounties - Trading Platforms - Use Cases - Pitch Training - Finding Co-Founders - Team Building - Legal Framework - International Networking This meetup is for - Future entrepreneurs - Existing entrepreneurs

Swiss Innovation Partners

Rigistrasse 3 2nd Floor · Zug

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This group is for entrepreneurs to exchange their ideas and experience, to find co-founders, engineers, marketeers, business developers, advisors, mentors, investors, to improve the pitching skills and to sharpen the business vision.

This is for entrepreneurs of companies of any development stage, independent whether concept, prototyping, launch, growth-hacking, scale-up stage and with any industry focus and with any technology background.

The business does not need to be blockchain-related, but since blockchain to going to change the world radically in the next 5 years, we offer the opportunity to discuss blockchain implications to any business.

We are inviting entrepreneurs worldwide to interconnect with us even when you are not able to attend our meetups in Zug.

We are interconnected worldwide, particularly with Silicon Valley, New York, Toronto, London, Baltic's, Berlin, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo.

Feel free to contact us when you plan to create an ICO in Zug as we can assist you with any required support including incorporation, domicile, office space, legal, accounting, structuring, software engineering, blockchain modeling, marketing and communications, bounty programs.

For more information: office@swissimpulse.com

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