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Crypto Valley Forum is a networking community for people, start-ups, companies and other stakeholders involved with Blockchain Technology and Crypto Currencies in the Crypto Valley, in Zug, Switzerland.

Our vision is to continue driving an already established momentum of groundbreaking innovation to further heights, by pulling together all local stakeholders to optimize collaboration across verticals, creating and formulating a platform to further market the region of Crypto Valley globally, for the benefit of all stakeholders, attracting new talent, start-ups and global companies to settle here to both benefit from this momentum, and help drive the momentum further.

We create recurring First Tuesday events here in the heart of Crypto Valley, in Zug, where you can meet the usual suspects and enjoy networking with a drink in the evening, typically with a presentation by one or more interesting people from the Blockchain space. Once in a while we do single events (conference, ski weekend, etc.). Also check out the Crypto Valley Association (https://cryptovalley.swiss/).

Bevorstehende Events (5+)

CryptoMountain rocks during WEF 2019 (from 21-25 January)

As mentioned earlier quite a number of people from the Crypto Valley will rock Davos during WEF. CV Labs Zug #cvlabsdavos decided to use the CryptoMountain shipping container set-up for a their special CV Labs Davos Pop-UP. Links to register to the events are below. The shipping container will be used as stage for talks and panels, as TV studio and as music bar. On Tuesday (22. Jan) Wednesday (23. Jan) and Thursday (24. Jan) there will be also indoor talks and panel discussions in Hotel Europe for the crowd that is in Davos during WEF. And for you! Links to the event ticketing see below. Hurry up to register, space is limited. Tuesday 22nd Jan - 10 Years Bitcoin - what's next? https://bit.ly/2SWPTwj Wednesday 23rd Jan - Blockchain in Finance - and beyond https://bit.ly/2HegdAD Thursday 24th Jan- Blockchain Ecosystems https://bit.ly/2sxHNhO

External event (Milano): Algorand Milano Developer Meetup

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Perhaps particularly interesting for our Ticino ecosystem (but everyone is welcome) is this interesting developer / tech meetup in Milano, where the Crypto Valley Forum is invited to join. Please follow this link to the announcement and with further details on how to sign up for the event: https://www.meetup.com/Algorand-Milano-Blockchain-Meetup/events/256777618. Please note, signing up here has no effect and will not grant you entrance to the Milano event. Use the link above. Arrivederci

PARTNER EVENT: Crypto Drinks & Party in Klosters hosted by SVBS Swiss Chapter

IMPORTANT NOTE: EACH INDIVIDUAL CAN ONLY ATTEND FOLLOWING PRIOR REGISTRATION/CONFIRMATION OF ATTENDANCE BY USING THE FOLLOWING EVENTBRITE LINK: https://svbsswiss.eventbrite.com Dear Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiasts, The Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS) is a global, invite-only, private, members-only network and ecosystem supporting blockchain projects across industries and for social impact. Collectively, SVBS current members represent US$1.5+Trillion in assets under management. The mission of SVBS is to “Fund the Revolution”. This revolution isn’t just financial. In fact, it is a holistic view of the financial, societal, responsible, environmental and governance transformation that objective/sensible decentralization enables. As part of its development, SVBS Chapters in North America (SF, LA, Austin, Vancouver, Toronto & NY) are already under way, with new Chapters in Europe (Switzerland, Oslo, London, Germany, Benelux), Middle East (Tel Aviv), GCC (Dubai), and Asia (Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, HK) being launched in 2019/20. SVBS is excited to come to Switzerland. Before the official Salon of the SVBS Switzerland Chapter, to be hosted in Zurich in spring (reserve 29 April 2019, tbc), we would like to invite you to two SVBS pre-launch events: SVBS pre-launch Night: 25 January 2019 (Friday) from 9:30 PM CET ‘til Dawn, at Klosters: Opening night drinks, networking and dancing at Casa Antica, Landstrasse 176, 7250 Klosters. You may invite your friends. BIG FUN! SVBS pre-launch Day: 26 January 2019 (Saturday) from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM CET, Davos: SVBS Swiss Chapter, “Fund the Revolution” luncheon gathering with various presentations, on the slopes, at Fuxägufer, Jakobshorn mountain, 7270 Davos. *Please allow that you must take chairlift ‘Carjöler’ to get there directly (or Jakobshorn cablecar and walk a bit). NOTE: ADDITIONAL SEPARATE EVENTBRITE REGISTRATION FOR EACH ATTENDEE REQUIRED: Questions? Please email: [masked]

Special event: Worlds of ExChange at SIX ConventionPoint in Zürich

The Crypto Valley Association in partnership with SIX presents: Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, digital assets – new technologies are bringing new possibilities and new challenges. The Crypto Valley Association is happy to bring together some of the major names working on these issues - in Switzerland and from around the world - in a special event focused on the exploring the topic of "exchange". Tickets: For members CHF 75 and non-members CHF 150 PLEASE NOTE: You can buy a ticket using the links below. Purchase it now. Space is limited! Here is the Member ticket link (CHF 75) https://cryptovalley.swiss/cva-member-tickets-to-worlds-of-exchange-event/ Here is the Non-member ticket link (CHF 150) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/crypto-valley-association-exchange-event-worlds-of-exchange-tickets-52662769762

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