Worum es bei uns geht

Dear Crypto Community,

Our little Crypto Valley which we founded back in 2015 with first movers such as Xapo, Ethereum and Bitcoin Suisse has grown up considerably. As the gospel of decentralization spreads through the world, it is no coincidence that Switzerland is becoming the epicenter of this movement. One of the most democratic, decentralized, open societies - what a wonderful home for Crypto!

Being one of the founders of Crypto Valley, I cherish the tradition of bringing people together. As meetups started to grow bigger and bigger and more people discovered the Crypto Valley, we started the first global blockchain conference in Switzerland.


Today it has become the largest blockchain conference in Switzerland with Over 2'000 people at the latest Crypto Summit. And yet this is just the beginning!

Additionally to our bi-annual conference series we host a number of Meetups, which are announced here.

I cordially invite everybody who wants to contribute to this discussion of "Shaping Crypto Together" to join and enjoy the company of very smart people all joined by the same vision:



Olga Feldmeier

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Poststrasse 18

STO Happy Hour 🥂

Poststrasse 18

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