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This group is all about Cycling! We'll meet to cycle regularly in Vienna, and find new routes to explore in and around Vienna. We'll also meet in Winter to go to the gym together to get or stay in shape. If there is interest, we can also meet for activities like watching bicycle races, discussions (about good mechanics, holidays with the bicycle, and so on), courses.

So if you love cycling and want to have an even better time with your bike than you have already, join us. If you want to stay in shape or get in shape, but struggle to find motivation, this group is for you as well!

Your benefit will be to meet like-minded people and have someone organize tours on beautiful routes. As the group organizer, I'll constantly suggest tours, both short tours in Vienna and long tours around Vienna. Also, I'll always carry a first aid kit on our tours to provide for quick help in case of an accident (I hope it will never happen though), and on long tours I'll also bring some more water and food to help out people who are short of supply. For people who seek motivation or help to get in shape, I'll be glad to tell my story on how I managed to lose more than 45kg and significantly improve my life!

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Dieser Inhalt ist nur für Mitglieder verfügbar