• #17 Dataviz – Nadieh Bremer & Shirley Wu – Online, Free

    “Shirley & Nadieh’s Awesome Collaboration Marathon”

    In the field of data visualization, there is an era before and after Nadieh Bremer & Shirley Wu's partnership - Data Sketches. The stunning book they just published is proof of that and our next meetup will be all about it!

    Both decided to celebrate a three-year journey, packed in 24 beautiful individual data visualizations, full of technical and personal growth, over 428 pages.

    We have plenty of questions for them, so this time we'll try the interview format. If, like us, you feel inspired by their journey and want to know more about their creative process, join us!


    👉 The Event is online and free of charge!
    18:30 👋 Welcome
    18:35 💬 Q&A
    19:35 📢 Meetup announcements
    👉 We are counting on your questions!

    ***** About Nadieh Bremer *****

    Nadieh Bremer is a graduated Astronomer, turned data scientist, turned freelancing data visualization designer working for companies such as Google, UNESCO, Sony Music, and the New York Times. She focuses on uniquely crafted, elaborate data visualizations, for print and online, that are both effective and visually appealing.

    ***** About Shirley Wu *****

    Shirley Wu is an award-winning creative focused on data-driven art and visualizations. She has worked with clients such as Google, The Guardian, Scientific American, SFMOMA, and NBC Universal to develop custom, highly interactive data visualizations. She combines her love of art, math, and code into colorful, compelling narratives that push the boundaries of the web.

    👋 More about the book:

    Web: https://www.datasketch.es/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/datasketches

    👋 More about Nadieh:

    Web: https://www.visualcinnamon.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/NadiehBremer
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nbremer/

    👋 More about Shirley:

    Web: https://shirleywu.studio/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sxywu
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shirleyxywu/

  • #16 Dataviz – Maarten Lambrechts – Online, Free


    📈 This time we present a great speaker from Belgium.
    If you are a fan of a good map, this talk is for you! Go beyond the choropleth map and get some of his technical knowledge and design decisions for map making. Check out the ongoing map challenge on Twitter: #30DayMapChallenge

    🎙 10 maps, and the Tech and Stories Behind Them 🎙

    In this talk, Maarten will share some of his recent mapping work. He'll talk about the design decisions that went into the maps, the data behind them, and the technology used to produce them. You'll hear about shapefiles, rasters, QGIS, Mapbox, D3.js, labelling, map projections and more!


    👉 The Event is online and free of charge!
    18:30 👋 Welcome
    18:35 🎙 Talk from Maarten Lambrechts
    19:00 💬 Panel Talk and Q&A
    👉 Don't be shy and ask some questions via comment.

    ***** About Maarten Lambrechts *****

    Maarten Lambrechts is a freelance data visualisation consultant based in Belgium. He helps people and organisations communicate their numbers by making charts and maps, both static and interactive ones. He gives trainings on data visualisation, designs and develops visualisations and as a data journalist he tells stories based on data.

    👋 More about Maarten:

    Web: www.maartenlambrechts.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/maartenzam
    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/maartenlambrechts/

  • #15 Dataviz – Silvia Fierăscu – Online, Free


    📈 Dataviz Lisboa brings you another great speaker, joining from Timisoara, Romania. She has plenty of use cases to share with you!

    🎙 Data Viz for Social Impact🎙

    With the increasing complexity of work in different sectors, visual decision making becomes a must. In this talk, Silvia gives an overview of data visualization projects that aid and empower decision making in government, business, academia, and civil society. She invites the audience to an interactive and thought-provoking discussion on measuring the social impact data viz applications have for different types of stakeholders.


    👉 The Event is online and free of charge!
    18:30 👋 Welcome
    18:35 🎙 Talk from Silvia Fierăscu
    19:00 💬 Panel Talk and Q&A
    👉 Don't be shy and ask some questions via comment.

    ***** About Silvia Fierăscu *****

    Silvia Fierăscu earned a PhD in Political Science and Network Science from Central European University. She is currently Lecturer in the Faculty of Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Sciences, Researcher at the Big Data Science Lab, Director of the Social Fabrics Research Lab, at West University of Timișoara, Romania, and co-founder of the global consortium, Civic Anti-Corruption Tech Initiative. In these roles, Silvia leads several large scale training, R&D, and community-building projects across sectors, using computational social science and new technologies to build sustainable and improved organizational development, public policy, communication flows, and leadership.

    👋 More Silvia:

    Web: https://www.snresearch.org/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/silviafierascu
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/silviafierascu/
    Academic Silvia: https://scholar.google.hu/citations?user=YCIeer4AAAAJ&hl=en

  • #14 Dataviz – Amanda Makulec – Online, Free


    📈 Here we go again to another amazing event, this time with the great speaker Amanda Makulec!

    🎙 How is COVID-19 Case Data Collected? 🎙

    During the current pandemic, Amanda has written several articles (link below) on the ethics, the process of data collection and, of course, data visualization using Covid-19 data. She is the right person to show us, for example, what really means "real time" data when we talk about infectious diseases and what are the consequences of having fragmented information systems when we want to make sense of the data. Due to the lack of robust and interoperable systems, it is of major importance to keep questioning ourselves how was the data collected and processed as we design our visualizations. As citizens and data practitioners, this talk will be enlightening no matter the reality of the place you are currently living in.

    Let's embrace the messiness of COVID-19 data and turn that complexity into accurate and actionable visualizations. 🙌🏼


    👉 The Event is online and free of charge!
    18:30 👋 Welcome
    18:35 🎙 Talk from Amanda Makulec
    19:00 💬 Panel Talk and Q&A
    👉 Don't be shy and ask some questions via comment.

    ***** About Amanda Makulec *****

    Amanda Makulec is the Senior Data Visualization Lead at Excella, where she coaches teams and develops user-centered data visualization products for federal, non-profit, and private sector clients. Prior to joining Excella in 2017, Amanda spent eight years working with data in global health programs in more than a dozen countries. She is a founding board member and Operations Director for the Data Visualization Society, writes about responsible visualization of health data and co-organizes events at Data Visualization DC.

    👋 More Amanda:
    Web: http://www.amandamakulec.com/#about
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/abmakulec
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abmakulec
    Medium: https://medium.com/@abmakulec


    Location details:
    ONLINE – Free of Charge!
    Looking forward to welcome you all online.

  • #13 Dataviz – Moritz Stefaner – Online, Free


    📈 After our summer break we start off big and have *Moritz Stefaner* as our guest. As a "Truth and Beauty Operator" he will talk about:

    🎙 It’s a process 🎙

    Moritz Stefaner is constantly chasing the perfect shape for information — how can we create expressive, intriguing, and elegant data experiences? He will walk us through his learnings from past projects on what constitutes the ingredients and recipes for creating successful data visualization projects.

    Moritz lives and breathes data visualization — as an independent designer and consultant. He helps organizations, researchers and businesses to find truth and beauty in relevant and meaningful data.

    👉 The Event is online and free of charge!
    18:30 👋 Welcome
    18:35 🎙 Talk from Moritz Stefaner
    19:00 💬 Panel Talk and Q&A
    👉 Don't be shy and ask some questions via comment.

    ***** About Moritz Stefaner *****

    As a self-employed “Truth and Beauty Operator”, Moritz Stefaner keeps chasing the perfect shape for information.

    With a background in Cognitive Science and Interface Design, his work beautifully balances analytical and aesthetic aspects in mapping complex phenomena to support data–driven decision making.

    In the past, Moritz has helped clients like the OECD, Google News Initiative, Salesforce, World Economic Forum, Deutsche Bahn and the Max Planck Research Society to find insights and beauty in large data sets.

    He is the record winner of the Kantar Information is Beautiful awards and his work has been exhibited at Venice Biennale of Architecture, SIGGRAPH, Max Planck Science Gallery, Fondation EDF, and Ars Electronica.

    As a writer, Data Stories podcast co-host, and sought-after keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Moritz Stefaner continues to excite more and more people about the magic that can emerge when art and science connect deeply.

    👋 More About Moritz:
    Web: https://truth-and-beauty.net/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/moritz_stefaner
    Podcast: https://datastori.es/


    Location details:
    ONLINE – Free of Charge!
    Looking forward to welcome you all online.

  • #12 Dataviz – Catherine D’Ignazio & Lauren Klein – Online, Free

    📈 Data science by whom? Data science for whom? Data Science with whose interests in mind? These are some of the questions that emerge from what we call data feminism.

    We're looking forward for Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren Klein, who will illustrate data feminism in action and show how challenges to the male/female binary can help to challenge other hierarchical (and empirically wrong) classification systems.

    🎙 Data Feminism 🎙

    As data are increasingly mobilized in the service of governments and corporations, their unequal conditions of production, their asymmetrical methods of application, and their unequal effects on both individuals and groups have become increasingly difficult for data scientists--and others who rely on data in their work--to ignore. But it is precisely this power that makes it worth asking: "Data science by whom? Data science for whom? Data science with whose interests in mind? These are some of the questions that emerge from what we call data feminism, a way of thinking about data science and its communication that is informed by the past several decades of intersectional feminist activism and critical thought. Illustrating data feminism in action, this talk will show how challenges to the male/female binary can help to challenge other hierarchical (and empirically wrong) classification systems; it will explain how an understanding of emotion can expand our ideas about effective data visualization; how the concept of invisible labor can expose the significant human efforts required by our automated systems; and why the data never, ever “speak for themselves.” The goal of this talk, as with the project of data feminism, is to model how scholarship can be transformed into action: how feminist thinking can be operationalized in order to imagine more ethical and equitable data practices.

    👉 The Event is online and free of charge!
    18:30 👋 Welcome
    18:35 🎙 Talk from Catherine D’Ignazio & Lauren Klein
    19:10 💬 Panel Talk and Q&A
    👉 Don't be shy and ask some questions via comment.

    👋 More About the Project of Data Feminism:
    Web: http://datafeminism.io/
    Lab: https://dataplusfeminism.mit.edu/

    ***** About Catherine D’Ignazio *****

    Catherine D’Ignazio is an Assistant Professor of Urban Science and Planning in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT, and director of the Data + Feminism Lab.

    👋 More about Catherine D’Ignazio:
    Web: http://www.kanarinka.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanarinka

    ***** About Lauren Klein *****

    Lauren F. Klein is an associate professor in the departments of English and Quantitative Theory & Methods at Emory University, where she also directs the Digital Humanities Lab.

    👋 More about Lauren Klein:
    Web: http://lklein.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/laurenfklein


    Location details:
    ONLINE – Free of Charge!
    Looking forward to welcome you all online.

  • #11 Dataviz – Rodrigo Medeiros – Online, Free [PT]


    👉 WARNING: This talk will be in Portuguese

    🎙 Título: Visualização de dados com sotaque brasileiro.

    Será uma conversa onde o convidado irá analisar o desenvolvimento da visualização de dados pelos designers brasileiros nos últimos 10 anos e as suas ramificações noutras áreas como as artes, o jornalismo de dados e a ciência de dados. A consolidação da comunidade de visualização de dados no Brasil é algo para o qual o Rodrigo tem vindo a contribuir através do seu trabalho como investigador e curador.

    *********************** Sobre o convidado **********************

    Rodrigo Medeiros é designer de interação. Atualmente é Professor do Instituto Federal da Paraíba, local leader da IxDA Recife e curador do datavizbr, publicação sobre visualização de dados e escrita em português. É doutor em Ciência da Computação pela Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (2019) e mestre em Arte e Tecnologia pela Universidade do Minho (2011).

    👋 Rodrigo Medeiros:
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rodrigopmedeiros/?originalSubdomain=br
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/medeiros_rod
    Medium: https://medium.com/@medeiros_rod
    Ouçam-no – Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6uZYfyJYH5DVq5rHnYz1aP?si=qQANyLETSYCpA71thitP3w

    👋 datavizbr:
    medium: https://medium.com/datavizbr

  • #10 Dataviz – Isabel Meirelles – Online, Free


    🎉 We're honored to welcome *Isabel Meirelles* to celebrate with us our 10th Meetup. 🚀

    ***** About the talk ****

    "The impact of technology on infographics & data visualizations in news(-papers)"

    Isabel will discuss how changes in technology have affected the way we design and communicate data stories in the context of journalism.

    👉 The Event is online and free of charge!
    18:30 👋 Welcome
    18:35 🎙 Talk from Isabel Meirelles
    19:05 💬 Panel Talk and Q&A
    👉 Don't be shy and ask some questions via comment.

    ***** About Isabel Meirelles *****

    Isabel Meirelles is a designer and educator whose intellectual curiosity lies in the relationships between visual thinking and visual representation. Prior to her appointment at OCAD University, Meirelles taught undergraduate and graduate studio and seminar communication design courses at Northeastern University, Boston (2003–2014).

    Isabel's research focuses on the theoretical and experimental examination of the fundamentals underlying how information is structured, represented, and communicated in different media. Meirelles is the author of Design for Information: An introduction to the histories, theories, and best practices behind effective information visualizations (Rockport Publishers, 2013). She is also a Principal Investigator at the Visual Analytics Lab, OCAD U.

    Meirelles is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences dealing with information design, motion graphics, and design education. She frequently collaborates with colleagues in the sciences and the humanities in interdisciplinary projects involving visualization of information and is one of the organizers of the InfoPlus Conference (http://informationplusconference.com)

    Web: http://isabelmeirelles.com/about/
    OCAD: https://www2.ocadu.ca/bio/isabel-meirelles-0
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/IsabelMeirelles


    Location details:

    ONLINE – Free of Charge!

    Looking forward to welcome you all online.

  • #9 Dataviz – Manuel Lima – The Language of Data Visualization

    We have one more amazing speaker for you:
    Manuel Lima who will speak about "The Language of Data Visualization".

    He is a RSA Fellow. TED Speaker. Design Lead & Startup Mentor @Google. Author of 3 bestseller books, including @bookofcircles. And check his Live Webinars.

    👉👉 Please note: The Event is online and free of charge!

    ***** About Manuel Lima *****

    A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, named "one of the 50 most creative and influential minds" by Creativity magazine, Manuel Lima is the founder of VisualComplexity.com, Senior UX Manager at Google, and a regular teacher of data visualization at Parsons School of Design.

    He has over fifteen years of experience designing digital experiences and leading product teams at companies like Google, Codecademy, Microsoft, Nokia, R/GA, Kontrapunkt, and the Museum of the Moving Image. Manuel loves big ideas and ambitious projects. He believes in the explosive mix of grit, talent and optimism. He grows smart and talented teams through empowerment and autonomy, mentoring and inspiration, and let’s not forget, fun and passion.

    Manuel is a leading voice on information visualization and has spoken at 80+ conferences, universities and festivals across four continents, including TED, Lift, OFFF, Eyeo, Visualized, Ars Electronica, Harvard, MIT, Yale, Royal College of Art, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, ENSAD Paris, University of Amsterdam, MediaLab Prado Madrid. His talks have been watched by 3M+ people around the world and he has been featured in various magazines and newspapers, such as Wired, New York Times, Science, Nature, BusinessWeek, Creative Review, Fast Company, Forbes, Grafik magazine, SEED, Étapes, and El País.

    He is the author of three books translated into several languages. His latest, The Book of Circles: Visualizing Spheres of Knowledge (2017), covers 1,000 years of humanity's long-lasting obsession with all things circular.

    Web: https://www.mslima.com/
    Live Webinars: http://crowdcast.io/mslima
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/mslima


    Location details:

    ONLINE – Free of Charge! – live on YouTube

    Looking forward to welcome you all online.

  • #8 Dataviz – Alberto Cairo – Online, Free


    We've joined the online events and took the chance of having an amazing speaker, one we always dreamed of, Alberto Cairo!

    He will show us how to support reasoning with visualizations and help us make good choices when designing our visualizations.

    👉👉 Please note: the event is online and free of charge!

    ***** About Alberto Cairo *****

    Alberto Cairo is a journalist and designer, and the Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the School of Communication of the University of Miami (UM). He is also the director of the visualization program at UM’s Center for Computational Science. He has been head of information graphics at media publications in Spain and Brazil.

    The author of several textbooks, Cairo currently consults with companies and institutions like Google and the Congressional Budget Office, and has provided visualization training to the European Union, Eurostat, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Army National Guard, and many others. He lives in Miami, Florida.

    Web: http://albertocairo.com/
    About him: https://news.microsoft.com/stories/data/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlbertoCairo

    18:25 Opening
    18:30–18:50 Presentation
    18:50–19:10 Questions & answers
    19:15 Goodbye!

    To include a multitude of perspectives, the spoken language of this meetup will be English.

    Looking forward to "seeing" you all! :)