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This group is for anyone interested in visualization in the context of exploring, analyzing or communicating data. The group will focus on sharing experiences and pushing the boundaries of current state-of-the-art visualizations but also throwing in some brief intros into visualization based on d3.js, R, python or other software. Topics include: data visualization, model/result visualization, combining visualization with data mining/ machine learning approaches, scaling up visualization approaches, innovative interaction features.

Please be aware that meetups are a lot of fun but just work if everyone acts responsibly. 

Thus the guideline for this group is common sense:

- RSVP with Yes, if you plan to come

- If your availability changes, cancel your RSVP until 5 days before the meetup

- If anything happens just before the meetup which prevents you from coming, send a short message to the organizer when you know you can't make it.

To maintain a sustainable group of motivated members our group policy is to remove members who don't follow these guidelines (e.g. RSVP Yes, but don't show up). 

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  • 19th Data Visualization in Munich Meetup!
    Prannerstraße 4, München
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