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Good data visualizations should help you tell interesting stories and gain insights. They could help you see hidden patterns and make captivating art.

Complete knowledge of all things Data Visualisations is this group's motto. Transforming raw data into engaging data stories and visualisations will be our mission.

Along the journey of Data Visualisation we will be covering:
- basic concepts
- showcases of personal and professional work
- tools & software

We want to gather enthusiastic designers, developers, artists, statisticians, journalists, and all kinds of other amazing people interested in data.

All are welcome to attend, network, and to present their own work!

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Vergangene Events (17)

Dataviz Gathering in Stockholm, 19 Jan 2023, 17:30


#16 Data visualization in the Ericsson Design System

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A Conversation with RJ Andrews

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#14 RAWGraphs for Data Visualization with Maarten Lambrechts

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