• All you need to know about Design Sprints!

    Yoox Net-A-Porter TechHub

    So you want to know about Design Sprints? Registration for this event is here - https://info.designsprint.academy/design-sprint-london-meetup-18 Together with YOOX Net-A-Porter Group, we are running a week-long Design Sprint Master Certification Program. We have some of the best Design Sprint Trainers around, all gathered in London so we thought it would be a great opportunity for you to come in and ask them anything you need to know about Design Sprints and Problem Framing! John Vetan - CEO of the Design Sprint Academy will be talking about Problem Framing - How to select the right challenge, how to engage with senior stakeholders in a workshop and how to reduce the risk of your Design Sprint failing! Codruta Lucuta - Design Sprint Academy's Train-the-trainers will be talking about managing group dynamics (including those challenging personalities), establishing the right mindset for an optimal outcome and advice for successfully facilitating Design Sprints Amicis Arvizu - Head of Delivery from the Design Sprint Academy will provide some case studies on real Design Sprint challenges and the lessons learnt (some times the hard way!) Mark Garner - Business Development from the Design Sprint Academy will be talking about how you can get buy-in for Design Sprints in your organisation. Whatever your question here is your opportunity to ask it! Please register for the guest list and join the Design Sprint Academy in this amazing location for an informative and fun evening. Registration for this event is here - https://info.designsprint.academy/design-sprint-london-meetup-18

  • Collaboration through Design (Sprints!)

    WeWork 41 Corsham St

    PLEASE REGISTER FOR THE EVENT HERE http://bit.ly/CollaborationDSA To Innovate, Disrupt, Transform, or to simply build products that your users will LOVE you will need a great team! One of the core competencies of a great team is its ability to collaborate. Unfortunately, in all too many organisations today misaligned priorities, a lack of trust between departments and information hoarding leads to Siloed teams and operational inefficiency. How can Design Sprints help you and your team to overcome these challenges? Come along to the 17th Design Sprints London Meetup to find out how in this hands-on workshop. The event is presented by the Design Sprint Academy, the team behind the world's first 360-degree program that will take you from zero to Certified Design Sprint Facilitator - https://designsprint.academy/design-sprint-master-certification/ PLEASE REGISTER FOR THE EVENT HERE http://bit.ly/CollaborationDSA

  • An Introduction to Design Sprints

    WeWork 41 Corsham St

    So you have heard about Design Sprints, and you think this is a tool that will help your organisation to innovate faster and create solutions your customers will love. Here is your chance to get to experience how the Design Sprint process feels. The purpose of this meetup is to introduce the principles of Design Sprints. We will showcase tools and techniques to demonstrate this as an incredibly effective way of working. It will provide a method to bridge the gap between strategy and execution to solve big problems and test new ideas. In this intense 90 minute "hands-on" workshop, you will get a sense of how it is to work as a team in a Design Sprint! I am afraid for this one we have very limited spaces in the workshop, so we are experimenting, please let us know why you would like to attend. By filling out the form below. Thanks!

  • First things first - Problem framing

    POTATO London

    PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THIS EVENT AT HERE https://www.eventbrite.com/e/problem-framing-first-things-first-with-design-sprints-tickets-59946208724 “Fall in love with the problem, not the solution"` Uri Levine, co-founder of Waze. Identifying the right problem up-front is crucial for any Design Sprint and we have seen many ambitious Design Sprints fail when the stage isn't set properly or there is no common understanding of the actual problem. We will show you some of the steps you will need to take to learn how to address relevant aspects of a problem, ask the right questions and make sense of the information. Join us for this meetup that will help you define the challenge and gain stakeholder support before running a Design Sprint. 6.00 PM - 6.30PM - Arrivals (drinks and Pizza) 6.30PM - Workshop kick off 8.30PM - 9 PM - Drinks and networking PLEASE DO TURN UP ON TIME TO ALLOW US TO START ON TIME (We have rather a lot to cover!!) IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND THE EVENT ON THE EVENING PLEASE UPDATE YOUR STATUS TO ALLOW OTHERS TO ATTEND

  • Design Sprints for Change (1-day Conference @Google)

    Led by Design Sprint Academy and Google Design, "Design Sprints for Change" is a special event in London dedicated to exploring how Design Sprints can be used as a tool for innovation and transform the way teams and organizations work. This one-day event brings together executives innovators, leaders, facilitators and Design Sprint experts to find inspiration, share success stories and knowledge. The event agenda will be a mixture of lightning talks and interactive sessions focused on innovation, cultural change, design sprint method adaptations across industries and organisational structures. More details here: http://designsprint.academy/design-sprints-for-change/ In order to make this a valuable event for the London community, we are inviting experts to join us as speakers or help facilitate the afternoon sessions. Space will be limited to those who are actively interested in or engaged in facilitating Design Sprints for their organisations. Want to come? Request an invitation -->>> https://designsprintacademy.typeform.com/to/dl6O9p !!! IMPORTANT: Registrations via Meetup will not be taken into consideration. Please use the form above to request an invitation.

  • Innovate with Empathy!

    POTATO London

    To really create something new, you need to understand your USER first! And, that starts with EMPATHY! Or to quote Oliver Delarue (CEO GHL): “It is about them and for them. The closer the end-users’ needs are analyzed and answered, the more successful the adoption or purchase of a solution. You iterate until you get it right from a customer perspective. This the power of Human Centered Design.” Understanding the user is key to the success of a Design Sprint. In this hands-on workshop, we will show you how to quickly empathise with a user, and bring those insights into the Design Sprint. In order to attend this workshop please register on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/design-sprints-london-innovate-with-empathy-tickets-56213352651?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=escb&utm-source=cp&utm-term=listing 6PM - 6.30PM - arrivals (drinks and Pizza) 6.40PM - Workshop kick off 8.30PM - 9PM - Drinks and networking

  • How to facilitate a Remote Design Sprint (with Mark Tippin & Jim Kalbach)

    WE ARE SOLD OUT, BUT JOIN US ANYWAY ONLINE! CALL STARTS AT 18:30 LONDON TIME https://mural.zoom.us/j/779987634 You would love to run a Design Sprint but your team is distributed and time and cost are restrictive. Sounds like you need to run a Remote Design Sprint, but how can you facilitate the process? Who better to ask than the guys who wrote the Definitive Guide to Facilitating Remote Workshops (https://mural.co/ebook) Jim Kalbach and Mark Tippin! We are getting a bit more experimental with this meetup, Jim and Mark will be joining us remotely, which of course means you can too! For the meetup we have a limited number of places, for those who get a spot you can hang out virtually with Jim and Mark before the call, otherwise please join us online! (If you think others would like to join please do get them to join our group, the more the merrier!) (https://mural.zoom.us/j/779987634)

  • How Barclays Bank runs Design Sprints

    One Churchill Place

    Barclays is a global financial giant with a strong track record in innovation. Modern banking would not be the same without Barclays revolutionary solutions like ATM and a credit card. We will be joining the Barclays Design Team for an exclusive look behind the curtains on how a 328yr legacy Bank shifts in a new world of innovation by using Design Sprints across the entire organization to empathize with customers, come up with creative solutions and build better products faster.

  • Agile loves Design Sprints!

    Manifesto Digital

    Agile, Scrum, Kanban, lean and MVP, digital product development processes of all sorts and kinds are part of our everyday workflow. But how and when can we connect Design Sprints with these powerful frameworks to create new products or rethink existing ones? We will be looking closely into effective models, methods and tools that can help you quickly and efficiently incorporate Design Sprints into your Agile process. The benefits are indeed amazing, and we can’t wait to share this hands-on knowledge with you. And, as always, be ready to roll up your sleeves and jump straight into the experience! Together with our friends and special guests from AGILE FOR AGENCIES, a Meetup that exchanges working experience, tips and general thoughts on how best to create a brand of Agile that works for teams, organisations and their clients. We will provide insights and some best practices into how to start loving Agile Design Sprints! Speakers - Kjell Eldor, Product and Innovation Lead, Manifesto: The Design Sprint, first develop by Jake Knapp at Google, has changed the way businesses create new products and services, by bringing together multiple stakeholders to frame urgent problems and prototype solutions. But how can Design Sprints, and design thinking more generally, relate to Agile development sprints? How can design sprints be used to define requirements which can be developed, tested and shipped at speed? In this talk, Kjell Eldor from Manifesto’s innovation hub, Future Foundry, will answer these questions and share case studies which show how a combination of design and agile sprints can deliver better quality products in less time. Mark Garner - from Design Sprint Academy. Before Jake Knapp had released his book Sprint we started trying to figure out a better Design Process, I will talk you through our Software Development Agencies journey from Agile to Design Sprints. Further speakers to be announced - watch this space!

  • Design Sprint Facilitation Skills - Breaking the ice!

    Running a Design Sprint is not just about process, it is also about people! When Facilitating a Design Sprints you need to get to know the team members (and more often than not, they need to get to know each other better as well!) So learn to quickly loosen everyone one up and start to get the creative juices flowing from the get-go, with an amazing icebreaker (or two!). This will be our first Meetup of 2019, so we wanted to make it a fun and informative workshop and kick-off the new year with some skills you an immediately put into action Add this vital skill set to your Facilitation Tool Kit!! and be ready to break the ice in 2019!! Huge THANKS to Simon Conway at AND Digital for hosting us for our first Meetup of the year!