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Workshops to improve business ideas, product or service design and marketing.

In every workshop, we use a specific innovation methodology using a real case.

If you want your idea/start up to be that real case, contact us and tell us about it.

The aim of this group is to have fun, learn and work together. Get the feedback of others and do networking.

If you are a facilitator and you want to lead a workshop with your personal touch, let us know, we check a venue and help you to organise the workshop.

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Tools for Visualization & Storytelling: Playmobilpro, SAP Scenes, Creative Clues

We remember a 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear, 70% of what we discuss with others, 80% of what we personally experience and 95% of what we teach others. For this reason, by expressing ideas drawing, sketching or prototyping is not only inspiring but also help us to see our own vision more clear. It also allow us to share it better with our team or other stakeholders and learn deeplier about our idea or project during its creation, prototyping or testing. Our three speakers have created and developed 3 tools that inspire us and make our lives easier during these processes. FRANK MÜLLER - PLAYMOBILpro.: Frank will introduce us PLAYMOBILpro.: a really new and innovative modelling system for professionals, based around the iconic PLAYMOBIL® figure. PLAYMOBILpro. supports all kinds of modern working methods and management trends in the field of innovation & Creativity (e.g. "Design Thinking"), Project Management, Transformation & People (e.g. "Change Management") and Marketing & Communication (e.g. "Personas"). https://pro.playmobil.com/ KAREN DETKEN - SAP SCENES: Karen is a UX designer. She created "Scenes", a tool to create visual stories about product and service ideas in a collaborative and iterative way. It empowers people from any discipline to shape their ideas and scenarios in the form of fun illustrative storyboards without the need of refined drawing skills. Karen will tell us how Scenes works and how to put it in practice. https://experience.sap.com/designservices/approach/scenes ANDRZEJ KAREL - CREATIVE CLUES Andrzej is a Design Thinking coach, founder of TAK Innovation and creator of Creative Clues, 350 unique and re-usable stickers to inspire during ideation, enhance user research and visualize co-creation sessions. Each Creative Clues sheet contains text or illustration stickers. They cover a wide range of topics such as touchpoints, industries, metaphors, human needs, technology and much more. https://www.creativeclues.net/ WHEN: 11th of September 18.30 - 19.30 - Presentations 19.30 - 20.30 - Drinks and Networking WHERE: MotionLab.Berlin is kindly hosting this event. The perfect location for this topic, as it is a coworking space and hardware innovation hub, specialized on future mobility & prototyping. Their continuously growing makerspace offers all members in their community the opportunity to do 3D printing, metal, wood and electronic work on their own. https://motionlab.berlin/ REGISTRATION Please, fill up this form to register in order to send you a reminder one week before the event. This is not a workshop but a presentation and thus, we can allow more people in this event. Anyway, we prefer to follow this process to assure that the last minute cancellations, can be filled up by people who want to attend and they are in the waiting list. Thank you for your understanding. https://forms.gle/CcU76Gg6KdMVXu6J7 PS. This information is collected with the only purpose to send the confirmations to the event and it is not collected or shared.

Partnership with Web Expo 2019: Discount and Free Ticket for our community

Hi there, We are the community partners of the WebExpo 2019 conference and thanks to it, we are giving away one FREE Conference ticket to attend this event. This is the code with 20% off created specifically for us: dtwe20 (must be inserted in lowercase - not applicable for Premium workshops). WebExpo is Central Europe's largest conference covering deep tech & practical topics for designers, developers, product managers, and marketers. It will take place on September 20-22 in Prague gathering 70 experts, 7 hands-on workshops and hosting 1700 participants from different parts of Europe. Learn more in the program Some interesting talks: Bringing personality back to the web - Vitaly Friedman, co-founder of Smashing Magazine will shed some light on the strategy of how to bring personality back to web design, and how we can make our experiences more humane while also having a higher ROI. Design Ethically: From Imperative to Action - Kat Zhou, product designer at IBM, will dive into how she created an ethical design framework for product teams and the lessons she learned from piloting her methodology at an enterprise level with IBM. Make healthcare affordable and accessible using tech and AI - Anna Zawilska, Lead User Researcher, will share case studies that illustrate product strategy and design challenges they face to leverage technology and AI to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. Getting real about UX - Joe Natoli will explain why the typical UX methods and processes we all learn, hear and read about often don't work. Why so many of the things we do actually create obstacles to buy-in and success. And in the end, fail to improve product UX. How to win the hearts of your new users - Inna Kerzman, User-centered Growth Expert specialized in customer retention, learned at Fiverr.com that new users’ behavior varies significantly from recurring users’. Knowing this, she will show strategies and practical tools that will help you design a better experience to make your new users more valuable and loyal. How to get a free ticket The first member that correctly answers the following question: Who will lead the talk “Surgical UX: Information design for systems in surgery“ at WebExpo this year? (The answer is available on the conference website) The free ticket is for the first one replying to the email sent on Thursday 18th of July with the correct answer and your email address to send a confirmation. The organization will have different activities to encourage networking such as workshops, speakers’ corner, and meeting areas. Additionally, they will organize free IT courses for kids and offer a childcare service. Let's go soon to Prague!

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