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Hands-on docker image security best practices workshop

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Romano R.
Hands-on docker image security best practices workshop



  1. Learn how to find and fix vulnerabilities in docker images
  2. Learn how to detect bad defaults and bad configurations in docker images using automated tools
  3. Learn how to use deterministic and trusted docker images

Liran Tal is a Senior Developer Advocate at Snyk & actively working with the Node.js Foundation Security working group


  1. We have in march two meetups very close together because Liran is attending a conference in Switzerland and he wanted to use this opportunity to tell you more about docker image security best practices.
  2. There are only 24 seat available. Please give up your place if you cannot make it to the event.

Installation Instructions:

  • Install Docker
  • Install the Snyk CLI
    -- You can use the open source Snyk CLI to scan the image.
    --- Install Snyk on Windows
    --- Install Snyk on macOS
    --- Install Snyk on Linux and other self-contained executables for Windows and macOS.
    -- See Snyk CLI install instructions to get started for the CLI

17:30 - Door Opening
17:55 – Welcome and Short Introduction
18:00 – Hands-on docker image security best practices workshop
20:00 – End

As usual there will be enough beer and snacks :)

Want to support this Meetup? We are always looking for exciting talks, sponsors for snacks and beer and good locations. Get in touch with us!

We are looking forward to seeing you

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