• Developer Relations Q&A Panel at Write the Docs Bay Area!

    Write the Docs Bay Area has organized a DevRel panel! (This is a cross-posting) All of the info is here if you'd like to join: https://www.meetup.com/Write-the-Docs-Bay-Area/events/262802711/ It's at the Downtown Oakland WeWork and the panel will have: Tamao Nakahara (Weaveworks) Steve Pousty (Crunchy Data) Ron Powell (CircleCI) Make sure to RSVP at their meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/Write-the-Docs-Bay-Area/events/262802711/ and note other details such as CoC. Maybe we'll see you there! :)

  • SF DevRel July at Salesforce

    Salesforce Tower

    Dear Devrel folks in the Bay Area, welcome back for another local meetup for the Developer Relations professional! This month we will be hosted by Mulesoft team in their awesome office :) Agenda: 6:00 - Door opens - Please arrive before 6:15pm to get upstairs 6:30 - Talk 7:00 - Networking Title: Growing MuleSoft’s Global Developer Community & Educational Content Description: Come hear from Jordan Schuetz, Developer Advocate, & Sabrina Marechal, Developer Marketing and Community Manager, about how they are building a strong community of developers at MuleSoft. With over 350k+ developers using the platform, they have a huge community of developers globally building integrations with MuleSoft. Learn how Sabrina scaled our global meetup program which now hosts over 20+ meetups per month and how Jordan is working to make developer content fun and engaging.

  • SF DevRel June Meetup


    Let's get together with the local DevRel community🎉 For this month's edition, we are delighted to host Lizzie Siegle from Twilio 🤩 Lizzie will share her knowledge and experience about getting into DevRel straight from college. Her perspective is valuable for anybody thinking about getting into DevRel and for DevRel professionals building teams. Lizzie is a developer evangelist at Twilio focusing on iOS and web development. She studied computer science at Bryn Mawr College and in her spare time, helps organize Spectra Women's Hackathon in SF and likes running, tennis, ping pong, and all things Disney. You can find her @lizziepika. Alex heads up the Developer Relations team for RapidAPI. He studied computer science at The University of Colorado, Boulder. During his time in college, he founded HackCU & traveled to ~25 hackathons for MLH as an MLH coach. He enjoys food 🍝 & traveling ✈️ and you can find him on social media @alexwalling. Agenda 📆 6:00 pm - Doors Open🚪 6:30 pm - "How to Manage Early in Career DevRel" by Lizzie Siegle (Twilio) 🗣️ 7:00 pm - Panel about new grads getting into DevRel with Lizzie, and Alex Walling from RapidAPI 🗣️ 7:30 pm - Let's chat and mingle 🍕 Special thanks to this month's sponsor: RapidAPI 🙏 RapidAPI is an API marketplace that enables you to find, connect, and manage all of your APIs from one centralized platform. It's one account, one analytics dashboard, one API key, one place to store billing information for all of your API usage! With the launch of RapidAPI for Teams, we extend this functionality to allow you to easily collaborate on internal APIs & external APIs within your team.

  • DevRelCon SF 2019!

    Dogpatch Studios

    devrelcon.com ! This is THE annual San Francisco Bay area conference for Developer Relations and Developer Experience practioners! June 6-7, 2019 (Thu-Fri) We’re back for our fourth year and re-re-branded back to DevRelCon (from DevXcon). This is the conference where you can meet and learn from your community of dev advocates, community managers, team managers, dev marketers, and people in many roles that share DevRel and DX responsibilities in support, docs, engineering, product, partner engineering, BD, marketing, customer success, and more! Tracks will cover areas such as metrics, APIs, SDKs, CLIs, dev marketing, open source, community management, product, and more. Some talks and keynotes will also address our THEME for DevRelCon San Francisco 2019: Diversity and Inclusion of the technical skillsets of your target users and customers What do we mean by this? Statistically, new and junior developers are a growing majority, and the trend will continue with the success of bootcamp and online programs around the world. How can you ensure the success of your DevRel goals by planning programs and efforts that address diverse types of developers across skillsets, experiences, and backgrounds? For instance, can you safely say that your docs, tutorials, product, and messaging don’t unconsciously have a non-inclusive tone, language, or design that would lead you to miss sales opportunities or gain happy evangelizers of your product? Keynotes include Jeff Sandquist (Microsoft) and Kelsey Hightower (Google, Kubernetes) with more to come! CONFERENCE TICKET PURCHASE REQUIRED FOR ENTRY Use code SFDevRel for your SF DevRel meetup discount! https://ti.to/hoopy/devrelcon-san-francisco-2019/discount/SFDevRel

  • SF DevRel with Postman!

    Postman, Inc.

    Hello SF DevRels, After a lengthy hiatus, we're back and excited reconnect with our developer relations pals! This month we'll be talking about event strategy with Joyce, a Developer Advocate at Postman, an API Development Platform used by more than 6M developers around the world. From the very beginning, Postman experienced tons of organic growth. Passionate members of the Postman community began hosting their own meetups and speaking at conferences to demonstrate everything they could do with Postman. Last year, Postman hosted their first conference. How did they know it was time? And how are they empowering their community online and in real life? Come by and share your experiences & strategies and get some brain food (and drinks) to chew on while we wait for warmer weather. Huge thanks to Postman for hosting us this month!

  • SF DevRel with Palo Alto Networks!

    WeWork Two Embarcadero Center

    Hello SF DevRels! As the days get short and the workdays start grinding down for the holidays, spend some time with your developer relations pals! This month we will be hearing about starting a DevRel team. What do you do when you are DEVELOPER ZERO? Steven from Palo Alto Networks had to start building SDKs against unreleased APIs that were not ready, nor documented, all as a remote employee! We'll hear about how earning trust and cross functional relationships make or break tasks, and some things to think about when you are the first developer to try out a new API. Come by and share your own developer zero stories and get some brain food to chew on while you wait for the turkey (or 2019 to start). Special thanks to Palo Alto Networks for hosting us this month!

  • SF meetup

    Southern Pacific Brewing

    A casual get together. GitHub Universe and Twilio Signal are on, so a few extra folks are in town.

  • SF DevRel September @ Asana!

    Asana HQ

    Hey Bay Area Relatable Developers (BARDs 😂) This week we'll be talking about internal Developer Advocacy. Jeff Schneider and Matt Bramlage from Asana will share how they turn developer feedback into API features (hint: make it concise and actionable for the API team). Matt and Jeff will also discuss how they used internal evangelism to lift external platform adoption. Afterward, we'll open it up to group discussion to learn what approaches the rest of us take. If you would l ike to speak at an upcoming meetup, or would like to host, organize, etc., let me know! This month we are hosted by the fine people at Asana! Not only is Asana the easiest way to manage team projects, they are also growing their DevRel team! Check out the job online (https://asana.com/jobs/apply/1228465/developer-advocate) and come join us to meet the team and see the office. Hope to see you there! -Tristan

  • SF DevRel August Meetup @ Cloudflare

    Cloudflare - HQ

    Hello Bay Area Developer Relators! Happy Fog-ust, this time around we'll hear from Cloudflare's head of developer relations, Jade Wang! We'll be talking about the transition in and out of developer relations roles, and how the difference in skillsets for dev rel roles can push and pull people from things like product management, community management & plain old developers. We'll also talk a bit about hiring for developer relations, and of course, save time for community discussion. We are also proud to be graciously sponsored by the fine people at Cloudflare! Hope to see you all there!

  • SF DevRel July: Supporting apps vs tools

    Shopify SF

    Hey there DevRellians! This month we'll be talking about the differences in devrel approaches when advocating for developer-facing tools, APIs and services versus advocating for extending core products through apps and integrations. Sarah-Jane Morris from Shopify will talk about her approaches at both kinds of companies (Mashery, Keen IO and now Shopify) and then we'll open it up to group discussion to learn what approaches the rest of us take. And a big thank-you to our hosts Shopify! The Shopify Developer Program powers apps for 600,000+ businesses in 175 countries. Their APIs, SDKs and docs give developers access to all the endpoints of commerce & top app developers earn an average of $162K a year. Learn more at developers.shopify.com. As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, excitements, announcements or more, let the organizers know!