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Dhyan Vimal Method
Too often are we caught in situations where we are stuck and unable to come out of old patterns, helplessly witnessing the same reality happening over and over again. Only a few know that the reality is a reflection of the state in which one exists, therefore the reality can be transformed through the personal transformation. The Dhyan Vimal Method is a technique that can bring you to a space where transformation happens naturally. With regular practice of the three breathing techniques, you will learn how to be in a space to allow change to happen organically. You actually do not have to do anything to change, you just have to learn to be in this space. In this two-evening session, you will learn the technique which is a combination of three breathing methods - Masters' Breath, Naadhi Suthi, and Bogar's Breath. These meditation sessions are organised worldwide where our facilitators will share with you the three breath techniques with the assistance of video lectures that will provide insights into the technique.

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    The Dhyan Vimal Meditation & Mastery is dedicated to the Berlin community to bring meetings, knowledge and meditation which is directed to one’s awakening. The word ‘awakening’ the way it’s used here, is to create a platform and a participation, where you can move from where you are to where you can be rightly, and at the same time that which will help the whole of humanity to heal and grow. When you come to understand that you are a work in progress and there is so much more to be awakened, realized and lived; this may interest you. And all the work that is undertaken here is to bring light to all that you can be. Here we consider all the pain and all the suffering as a calling for you to grow, and we hold through to this fact until you grow, this will not change. All the joy we live by is the byproduct of our growth and we hold through that this grows only when we share. The responsibility we invite everyone to undertake is to participate in their growth and this is the work. There will be activities organized to introduce, practice and learn on many of the learnings available and founded by Master Dhyan Vimal, a modern day mystic and author of 14 books on subjects such as meditation, awakening and enlightenment.

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