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DPM Bournemouth is brought to you by Nigel Williams (https://staffprofiles.bournemouth.ac.uk/display/nwilliams), Karen Thompson (https://staffprofiles.bournemouth.ac.uk/display/kthompson) and Shirley Thompson (https://www.linkedin.com/in/shirley-thompson-b021271/) with the aim of creating a local community of Project Management professionals in Bournemouth. Meetups occur monthly and consist of various discussions, games and talks. The floor is always open for impromptu presentations on anything Project Management if you’re willing to share your own experiences.

Whether you’re a Junior or Senior in the management of digital projects, or even looking to break into Project Management, our meetups are all inclusive and range in topics. We’re a small group of professionals who are happy to share their knowledge and experiences. So if you have anything you'd like to discuss or learn, then come along to one of our meetups to mix with like minded professionals.

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The Promises and Perils of Analytics for Project Estimating: with and without AI

Bournemouth University Executive Business Center

Andy Jagger offered to lead a discussion on project estimating. We encourage everyone to bring their successes and challenges to share - is AI going to solve the problems? (Message Shirley if you'd like to speak too.) Venue is EBC unless anyone would like to offer to host. (Message Shirley and send venue pic.)

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Taking responsibility

RNLI Training Centre

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