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Free Workshop: Docker Advanced
Join our free ~4 hours Docker workshop for advanced Docker users in WE5/04.014! It's gonna be all about Docker-Compose and Docker Swarm. The (free) registration starts on Thursday, 05. July 2018 at 10 AM! There are only 30 seats available! First-come, first-served. ## Agenda 17:00 Eat pizza & come together (we still need a sponsor) 17:30 Workshop 21:30 End of Workshop & more pizza :) ## More about the workshop's content: • Main instructor will be Govinda Fichtner, Chief Cloud Architect at Paessler AG. Experienced users from the community will assist as tutors. • You'll learn everything needed to work with multi-container-apps with the help of Docker Compose. • You'll learn everything needed to set up a Docker Cluster with Docker Swarm for different usage scenarios. • You are going to get in touch with a broad range of concepts and technologies: Docker, Docker-Compose, Docker-Swarm, Linux, Nginx, Caddy, Python, CoackroachDB, HAProxy, Linux, ... • Important Preparation: Each attendee must bring his own notebook with a working SSH client (Putty on Windows, Linux and Mac users already have a SSH client installed by default). During the workshop we will work on prepared servers of Digital Ocean. Important note: This workshop doesn't start with the basics. So you already need to know what Docker is, how to use the important CLI commands to e.g. start & stop containers and also how to use Dockerfiles to build new images. You should also know how to use Git, be familiar with the Linux command line and have (at least) some basic programming knowledge! • Language will be English if requested, otherwise German. ### Pizza and drinks are sponsored by Paessler AG - https://www.paessler.com/ ###

Universität Bamberg, Fakultät WIAI

An der Weberei 5 · 96047 Bamberg

Registrierung bis zum: 18.7.2018

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