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Universität Bamberg, Fakultät WIAI

An der Weberei 5 · 96047 Bamberg

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Fifth Floor - Room WE5/05.003

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We are happy to announce our next Docker Meetup!

Note: Newbies to Docker are also welcome!


1. Docker in der Softwareentwicklung - eine Bestandsaufnahme

Subjektiver Rückblick und Diskussion des aktuellen Standes nach einer 2 ½ jährigen “Entwicklungs-Reise” mit Docker-Technologien.

by Bernd Fischer, MindApproach GmbH

2. Using Gitlab CI/Registry for automated Docker builds

Gitlab is an modern open source repository server build around git. Besides all kind of management and bug tracking features it also has a CI and a Docker Registry built-in.

This talk will show how to create automated Docker image builds with the Gitlab CI and how to deliver them with the Gitlab Registry.

by Markus Benning, Atos IT-Solutions and Service GmbH, Erlangen

In addition, let's grow our Docker knowledge together by

• presenting & discussing Docker use cases
• sharing our best tips and tricks
• discussing the latest developments in the Docker ecosystem & community
• introducing newbies to Docker awesomeness
• making new friends

Language will be English if requested, otherwise German.

Where to find us: short video of how to find us (