Worum es bei uns geht

Do You Like To Write?

If you enjoy writing stories or poetry, or you’re dabbling & experimenting, please join us! All levels of experience are welcome.

Writing can be a solitary activity and sometimes we need others as a sounding board or just as friends who understand the writer's life.

This group is about getting together and seeing how we can support each other in our craft.

★ WE ARE: an international group of creative writers who enjoy coming together to share creative ideas and inspiration.

★ WE MEET: every two weeks on a Saturday afternoon. Sometimes we also organise other social events because we like each other so much!

★ HOW WE ROLL: At each meeting we have a short creative writing exercise. All that’s required is an open mind and a willingness to experiment. You’re invited to share what you’ve written, but it’s not required. While English is our common speaking language, you are free to write in your preferred language.


Please RSVP responsibly and respectfully.

There is only a limited amount of places for each event and we often have a Waiting List.

Please read our rules below carefully – we are a small group and these rules are in place to make sure that as many writers as possible can attend our meetings and that no one misses out unnecessarily.


★ 1st no-show = you get a polite warning
★ 2nd no-show = sadly, you will be removed from the group – no one wants this so please ensure it doesn’t happen.


★ Cancellations must be made BY THE TUESDAY before the meet up

★ 1 x cancellation after Tuesday = understandable if you have a good reason
★ 2 x cancellation after Tuesday = you may be removed from the group

These rules are in place to ensure that as many writers as possible can attend.

Again, please take care and RSVP responsibly and with respect for other writers.



★ Check by BY THE TUESDAY before the meet up if you could still attend on a short notice in case someone drops out and you get a spot after all.

★ STAYING on the waiting list signals that you are willing to WATCH OUT up until the meet-up if you got a spot on the attendance list due to a cancellation. Note that this may happen even if there several people ahead of you in queue if more than one person has to cancel.

★ If you know you can’t make it on a short notice, change your status to „will not attend“.

This way, no spots are left open unnecessarily, and everybody on the waiting list who is able and willing to show up on a short notice has a fair chance at getting in.


If you get a spot from a late cancellation you unfortunately cannot take after all even though you stayed on the waiting list because you were originally able and willing to come on a short notice:
CANCEL RIGHT AWAY to allow for the next person to move up from the waiting list and SEND IN A MESSAGE why your situation has changed, so we know you did in fact take care in evaluating your attendance status in time according to the group rules. =) That way, everybody wins!

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