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We are interested in Data Science, Machine Learning and Python/R. The goal is to build a local community, network, and learn from each other. The talks should be about good content and not product pitches or marketing talks.

Thanks to Quantopian Inc. ( https://quantopian.com ), sipgate GmbH (https://www.sipgate.de (https://www.sipgate.de/)) and Trivago N.V. (http://www.trivago.de (http://www.trivago.de/)) and StepStone ( https://www.stepstone.de/ ) for sponsoring and hosting our events!

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Live Event - How We Recommend Alternatives

StepStone Deutschland GmbH

How to learn from "failing fast" on Data Science initiatives

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**Online Edition** Selected Community Topics

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Machine Learning Interpretability: Why and How?

InVision AG

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