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Creative Writing & Inspiration – Let's get together & write!

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Do You Like To Write?

If you enjoy writing stories or poetry, or you’re dabbling & experimenting, please join us! All levels of experience are welcome.

Writing can be a solitary activity and sometimes we need others as a sounding board or just as friends who understand the writer's life.

This group is about getting together and seeing how we can support each other in our craft.

★ WE ARE: an international group of creative writers who enjoy coming together to share creative ideas and inspiration.

★ WE MEET: every two weeks on a Saturday afternoon. Sometimes we also organise other social events because we like each other so much!

★ HOW WE ROLL: At each meeting we have a short creative writing exercise. All that’s required is an open mind and a willingness to experiment. You’re invited to share what you’ve written, but it’s not required. While English is our common speaking language, you are free to write in your preferred language.

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