Worum es bei uns geht

Hello! ELLA is a MeetUp for lesbian women in Berlin. It's been created to organise face to face meetings and build a community.

I, Michaela, took over as an organiser just recently. I did it because I want to have lesbian MeetUps in Berlin. MeetUps I'd like to go to.

I'm inviting everyone to do the same thing.

I like MeetUps on weekends: brunch, coffee, exhibitions. So that'll be what I organise. But there is so much more. Bars, clubs, movies, karaoke. Or hiking, visiting a lake, wellness. Who knows what else. There are infinite possibilities, sooo many places and a multitude of dates and times that make sense to different women.

This is a great group with so many members. Let's use it. Let's do this together. Just message me and I'll make you a co-organiser. It's not much work and you get to go to the MeetUp that perfectly fits your needs.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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