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Anyone that wants to try, learn, collaborate, play and perform live electronic music in a supportive community club hangout.

If you have a new piece of gear you want to test on a club sound, if you have been working on the ultimate live-set for years and are finally ready to try it on humans, if you just downloaded a new music app today and want to get drunk and jam with it for your friends, or, you never made music before but want to get in to it - THIS IS YOUR NEW HOME!

EOS has 2 parts:
19:00 - 20:30 Meet & Tweak
20:30 - 12:00 Open Stage

Meet & tweak is about bringing together Berlin's awesome music technology creators with music maker, and musically curious people of all levels, to learn about new music tech, how to play electronic music live, meet potential collaborators and play some music together.

Open stage is the time for anyone that wants to perform in front of an audience, on a club sound system can do it, anything goes, and anyone can register, there are only for 3 rules:

1. No DJing! - the music has to be live
2. No acoustic instruments - unless they are digitized
3. No complex setups - must be able to connect to a DJ mixer

If you want to participate and play at this event leave a comment, say hi, tell us whats your setup, post a video/SoundCloud (or not) of your music, we will write you asap to confirm your spot on the timeline.

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