November Edition – Credo and Elixir Weekly special!

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The last hh.ex for 2016 and we will make this one a very special one!

We will have a special Guest. He is well known in the Elixir community for writing the one Elixir code linting tool and also putting a newsletter for everyone to be up2date on all things Elixir. I'm happy to announce René @rrrene Föhring as our guest. He will give a behind the scenes talk on Elixir Status/Weekly and Credo. But there is no hh.ex without coding. With special access to Rene we want to contribute to open source all together. Rene will bring some special beginner issues on Credo we can work on together in small groups or on your own. We have the following agenda:

- 18:00 Open the doors
- 18:30 Welcome
- Elixir Status/Weekly and Credo behind the scenes
- Break
- Get your OSS feet wet with Credo Please bring your Laptops.
- Hang out and have beers, coke, mate or whats-o-ever 🍻