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What is Elixir?

Elixir is a dynamic functional language based on almost 30 years old Erlang language and platform. Erlang is used in the systems that require high throughput and reliability (uptime). Examples of such systems are telecom servers and also big Internet apps like WhatsApp. Elixir is running on Erlang's virtual machine called BEAM. Elixir author José Valim got inspiration from languages like Ruby, Clojure and of course Erlang. For web development with Elixir there has recently been released a version 1.0 of Phoenix framework. Phoenix and Elixir combination is distringuished by µS response times, short and long term productivity, advanced failure handling and much more.

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February meetup

MeisterLabs GmbH

Hey Everyone,
We're still looking for talks for our February event. We held a talk over from the last meetup because we were so full of pies, we couldn't handle more technical talk!

The first talk is from me:

Aaron Cruz
Umbrella Apps - The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Send me a message if you want to talk. It would really help out and make it easier for me to schedule these more often!

This event will be sponsored (venue and food/drinks) by Meister who uses a lot of Elixir in-house and are always looking for great Elixir devs.

If you have an idea for a talk, let me know. 10 to 25 minutes, all levels of dev and speaking experience.

See you in February!

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Elixir Pies

doloops accessible web technologies GmbH