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A group for the users of the Elm programming language. It’s for all interested in Elm and the future of web & graphical programming.

-- Deutsch: Elm eignet sich sehr, um den Einstieg in die Programmierwelt zu wagen. Auch junge Hacker sind willkommen! Lass dich von dem Begriff "Funktionaler Programmierung" nicht abschrecken. Überzeuge dich selbst: Beispiele ( und noch mehr (! Bei Bedarf sind natürlich auch Meetings auf Deutsch möglich. Bei Fragen kannst du dich bei mir melden (

Elm - What’s that?
It’s a functional programming language for declaratively creating web browser-based graphical user interfaces. More on Wiki ( or Elm Website ( It’s just so much more fun to build practical stuff for the web with Elm, for example a game or your next interactive website/app. Check out some Examples ( and some more (

Elm - For You?
Programmers of any skill level are welcome! And don’t worry if you’re just starting out. Elm is young :) We all are kind of “beginners”. Elm is perfect to start coding!

Two “slightly” different meetups for the right mix:

Learn Elm
Everyone is welcome! Interested in Elm? Are you a young hacker? What are you waiting for? ! (Do you want to give programming a try? This is your chance! )

We learn, hack, connect, share, discuss..
• Learn how the Web works with Elm (Web Development)
• Mentorship (and improve your communication ability)
• Create web sites/apps, graphics and games with Elm
• Get into functional programming with Elm
• Make cool stuff with Elm - together!
• Learn new tricks and skills
• Intro for newcomers
• Learn Elm!!
• ..

Hack Elm
Everyone is welcome! Be active and help to make Elm and the Elm-ecosystem even more awesome!

We hack, learn, connect, share, discuss..
• Interoperability with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
• Functional reactive programming with Elm
• Future of web & graphical programming
• Functional programming with Elm
• Improve projects, libraries, docs
• Collaborate on projects
• Build useful stuff
• Hack Elm!!
• ..

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