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ARTS&TECH&KIRSCHWASSER by the Republic of Užupis
[The event will be in German] Munich is supposed to be the center of the second wave of digitization. Digitial technologies like artificial intelligence will increasingly affect the course of our lives - hopefully for the good. The systematic integration of arts into the process of technology development is supposed to back this up. Arts can make technology more inspired and more human centered. The Munich Embassy of the Republic of Užupis aims to build bridges between ARTS&TECH. Agenda: Saturday, Nov 24. 3-8 pm: - Exhibition about Užupis and alternative nations/inauguration of consuls/naturalizations - 6 pm: talks "ARTS&TECH" by --- Max Haarich (Ambassador of the Republik of Užupis), --- Alex Waldmann (AI-Experte), --- Ronit Wolf (Founder of www.muc-sf-festival.com), --- Julian Chollet (Founder of www.mikrobiomik.org) Sunday, Nov 25. 2-6 pm: - Exhibition about Užupis and alternative nations/naturalizations/movies about Užupis - Arts and Cocktails by Luci Effer - 3 pm: talk "The End of Work" by Rafael Hostettler (Founder of www.roboy.org) Free entry and free Kirschwasser while stocks last!!! I think everybody should like everybody! Uuuuuž! H.E. Max Haarich Ambassador of the Republic of Užupis #ExploreTheUnthinkable #kreativmuenchen http://uzhupisembassy.eu/emb/

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Worum es bei uns geht

Užupis used to be a depressive neighbourhood of the capital of the Republic of Lithuania. In the 1990s it became popular with the creative community of artists, film directors, actors, musicians and writers. In 1996 the Alternative Art Centre was founded there. And in 1997 a group of artists declared the establishment of a conceptual state there. The new republic was to have its president and government, coat of arms and flag, Constitution and postal stamps. The bohemian society transformed the district. It became the embodiment of natural non-aggressive gentrification in the post-Soviet space.

The republic of Užupis has 300 ambassadors worldwide e.g. the Dalai Lama. Each ambassador has a special aim. The Munich ambassador Max Haarich (http://uzhupisembassy.eu/emb/) aims to build bridges between arts and tech to explore the unthinkable.



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