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Join us on the first Tuesday of every month to chat about Ember and JavaScript development with your fellow Emberliners.


Learn more about Ember at emberjs.com (https://emberjs.com/).

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Hey Emberliners, we're looking forward to another meetup with amazing talks around Ember on Tuesday, Nov 3rd, 2020 starting from 7pm. The event will take place online via the video call link sent to all attendees by Nov 3rd at 6pm. Make sure to RSVP on meetup before this time to get access to the event! This time you can look forward to the following talks: - tba - tba - tba If you'd like to give a talk about something you have worked on recently or that caught your interest, please ping us via Twitter @emberliners (https://twitter.com/emberliners). If you are unsure if your talk idea is already ready for presentation and you'd like to get some feedback, please also reach out to us - we're more than happy to bounce back ideas with you and help you to refine your talk suggestion. Also, if you haven't done so, join us at our Ember.js Berlin slack chat via the following url and keep up-to-date about new meetup dates and other announcements around Ember and European Ember events: http://emberjsberlin.herokuapp.com/ Cheers and see you soon! Your Ember.js Berlin team - Joschka, Clemens and Jessica

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