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Are you just thinking about starting your first business or are you an experienced business owner? Are you a real positive thinker with a 'can do' attitude, or has your motivation slipped recently, but you know it's there somewhere? This group is all about getting things going or making things even better and we've stacks of experience. Perhaps you are thinking about marketing, business strategies, goal setting, motivation, pitching, funding, and effective selling, just to mention a few hot topics. You are? Then you've come to the right place! Or, maybe you are looking for a mentor, or a business partner - we can help. Our founders have multi-business start up experience in areas such as sports, coaching, web-shops, technology, commodities and financial markets. We also have a lot of interesting contacts. We love start ups as well as re-energising existing businesses, we're International and we want to connect with you. Come on, join us...

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Coffee and getting things done

Cafe Rossi

Hey folks, let's meet up again :) Let's enjoy some good coffee while chatting about current projects and have some fun and get things done. Whether you need inspiration, motivation or just coffee and chitchat you are very much welcome at this months meetup.

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Let's meet up!

Cafe Rossi

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