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H-Link Business Consultancy
Facebook.com/hlinkbusinessconsultancy People who has the passion to create a worthwhile career in entrepreneurship. A lot of businessmen fails in the first few years of starting their businesses because they missed some ingredients of success. This group was created to share our thoughts and ideas on all aspects of management, operations, marketing, sales and reiterating the character of a successful businessman. You will be amazed that other than some technical skills, there are other things within you that you need to learn, adapt or change to achieve your goals for your business.

Whether you're planning a business, starting a business or simply looking around for opportunities, "Entrepreneurs On The Move" Meet Up is for you.

We always push thru with our meet-ups and NO fees to be collected.

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H-Link Business Consultancy
Moving You Forward!
Mobile: 0917-3333-365
Landline: (632) 774-7884
We offer consultation to entrepreneurs on how to start, operate and grow their business.
We also offer bridge financing, angel investing and short business loans. We also accept job applicants for various positions due to our enourmous number of projects.
Entrepreneurs on the Move Slogan:
Growing together
Facebook Group Link: https://m.facebook.com/groups/entrepreneursonthemoveworldwide

Also join our other meet-ups: www.meetup.com/ketodietph

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Securing your Identity and Privacy as a Businessman or Individual

Holiday Inn & Suites Makati 5th Floor

This meet up discusses ways on how to protect your identity as a businessman and as an individual. Find out some of the trends online and offline done by syndicates so you will be aware of protecting yourself from identity theft and unauthorized intrusion to your privacy. More discussions will be made regarding security matters. ABSOLUTELY NO FEES TO BE COLLECTED. Contact[masked] for questions.

How to Start a Small Business with Minimal to No Capital-Take 2

Holiday Inn & Suites Makati 5th Floor

Are you struggling with the need for capital to start your own business? This is the common dilemma of would-be entrepreneurs in order to start on their own. It is like a chicken and egg thing for most of us. Take the first step, capitalize on your time and attend our event to realize the different ways to start a business with no capital at all. All sharers of their personal experiences or successful businessmen are welcome to attend as well. NO FEES TO BE COLLECTED For questions and directions, contact[masked]

Success Stories of Successful People Part 1

Holiday Inn Makati

Success is no mystery to everyone, most successful people has shared their personal lives to the public that all we have to do is to follow it. Learn from the rich people's success stories as we dig deeper into their lives and absorb their values, practices and the critical decisions they made in their lives that contributed to their epic stardom. Agenda: 7:00 - 7:15 Registration and Introduction 7:15 - 8:15 - Discussion 8:15 - 8:30 - Sharing of Business Cards ABSOLUTELY NO FEES TO BE COLLECTED BUT ANY CASH DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED IN SUPPORT OF HOSPICIO DE SAN JOSE AND/OR BIG HEART FOUNDATION (Optional) Let us give back to the poor and underpriviledged... Total donations as of now, Php 40,700.00 For questions, please contact[masked] for "free" one-on-one consultation on how to grow your profits. Entrepreneurs on the Move is a community organized by H-Link Business Consultancy.

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