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Hi entrepreneurs and startups!

If you need advice, tips from other entrepreneurs or startups in Zurich, just come and ask! This group is meant to provide casual, regular meetups of like-minded people who need tips on how to solve their various challenges in their businesses or just to connect and network.

This is a newly formed group, started July 27, 2018. We'll meet for starters every 2nd Thursday in a month at 10am at Kosmos cafe (7 min walk from Zurich HB).

No matter if you want to come once or regularly, you're always welcome.

Because there dont seem to be enough opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups in Zurich, via MEETUP, to irregularly or regularly meet and share or get tips, best practices among themselves (besides one big Entrep. group meeting on Tuesdays early in the morning but if the day/time doesnt suit you, there is nothing). Most similar groups are taking place only once in a few months on a very specific topic or many groups are not active anymore.

This group was before focused on training skills ("Trainers Pool") but as there wasnt need anymore for such a Group, I transformed it into Entrepreneurs and Startup group.

Im Andrea, based in Zurich, a Marketing Consultant working esp. with entrepreneurs and startups on building an effective, tailored marketing strategy. I started my own business early this year and I still want to learn and exchange tips, tricks with you all, the same way you will hopefully benefit from the group, too.

I hope to cu soon!

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